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Durian Agriculture

Durian, the king of fruits, is heavily demanded by not only the locals in Malaysia but also the fruit lovers from countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and many other countries. Thus, many farmers and entrepreneurs have started venturing in this rising business. However, growing durian is not an easy task and it requires efforts and planning.

Drone Surveying

Get an edge forward to understand your durian farm to ease irrigation and farm planning process.

Pond Construction

Providing sufficient amount of water the young and matured durian plants is essential for higher quality yield


Maximising land usage to help farmers plant as many trees possible.

Specialty Fertiliser

Healthier trees means better fruits!

Pumphouse Construction

The brain and heart of your durian farm to ensure water is being irrigated to every durian trees.

IOT Farming

Be prepared for Agriculture 4.0 as Wastech Smart Agriculture (WSAS) helps you monitor your farm easily.


Irrigating precisely at the same time preventing soil erosion.


Can be used at any terrain condition to irrigate durian trees at a uniform rate with high precision level.