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Exploring Durian Excellence Together: Indonesian Delegation Joins Wastech Group

Exploring Durian Excellence Together: Indonesian Delegation Joins Wastech Group

At Wastech Group, we believe that learning knows no boundaries. Recently, we welcomed an Indonesian delegation to Malaysia for a special journey into durian cultivation. This event symbolises our commitment to knowledge sharing and collaboration in the agricultural sector.

Day 1: Building Blocks of Success

Our journey began with informative classroom sessions. We discussed crucial aspects like precise irrigation, durian fertilisation, and invited experts to talk about managing pests and diseases. Additionally, we connected with Eco Starland Group to understand today’s durian market trends, merging theory with real-world insights.

Day 2: Orchards Unveiled

We explored a real durian farm owned by Eco Starland Group. This hands-on experience allowed participants to taste the fruit and witness the practises they learnt about. It’s one thing to learn in theory, and another to see it in action!

Day 3: Growing from the Ground Up

The final day took us to the durian nursery. We shared knowledge about starting from seeds, grafting, and budding – essential techniques for nurturing healthy durian trees. This practical understanding wrapped up our journey, highlighting our dedication to practical knowledge transfer.

Our Indonesian friends departed with a richer understanding of durian cultivation. This event embodies our belief in collaborative growth and reflects our continuous effort to foster learning in agriculture. Join us in this journey, as we work together to cultivate excellence in durian cultivation.