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Agriculture Irrigation Malaysia

Agriculture Irrigation Malaysia


Rain fed irrigation is hugely unreliable, especially during dry seasons. Farmers around the globe are adopting various agriculture irrigation techniques to be safe against weather uncertainties. Agriculture irrigation systems conserve water while helping farmers to improve yields and save time. Through agriculture irrigation systems, farmers can also extend growing seasons.

Agriculture irrigation is prerequisite for successful large-scale farming.

In a bid to promote environmental conservation, governments have encouraged adoption of water-efficient irrigation techniques. There has been an increased focus on agriculture irrigation as a result of its potential economic benefits. In developing countries, firms work closely with small-scale farmers to design modern agricultural irrigation systems that are tailored to their needs. Water management solutions offer a significant economic advantage for both small-scale and large-scale farmers.

With technological advances, new agricultural irrigation techniques have been adopted to boost productivity and maintain a competitive edge. Traditional irrigation methods are labor demanding, inefficient and prone to error. Irrigated agriculture has transformed many regions from food importers to major food exporters. Drip irrigation systems have played a huge role in boosting food security. Desert countries have used such techniques to feed millions of people.

Drip irrigation can boost water efficiency by as much as 50%. The technology eliminates water wastage by delivering water in small drops and directly to the base of the crops. Only the useful region is watered. Drip irrigation also eliminates dripping away of nutrients and fertilizers. While using drip technology for agriculture irrigation, it is essential to check the quality of water to prevent clogging due to suspended particles. Drip irrigation is flexible to fit a wide range of filed shapes and topography. Farmers are trained on taking extra care when working on the farm to prevent damage to drip pipes. Modern agriculture irrigation methods are designed to meet future challenges and changing regulations.

Water pumps are used to enhance flow to meet pressure requirements for uniform and efficient agriculture irrigation. Pump efficiency is optimized to minimize energy costs for running agriculture irrigation pumps. Emerging pumping solutions have enhanced uniform coverage of water for agriculture irrigation.

From the outset, agriculture irrigation is aimed at maximizing yields and returns on investments. However, many governments and NGOs have promoted agriculture irrigation that is aimed at maximizing social benefits to farming communities. Agriculture irrigation is a science that involves realizing the perfect balance of quantity, quality, and timing of water distribution depending on the type of crops and stage of development. Aspects such as weather variability and environmental conversation have a significant impact on agriculture irrigation

Irrigation engineering enhances agriculture irrigation solutions through design and building of appropriate infrastructure systems. Optimum productivity is achieved by a suitable combination of critical inputs needed for development, operation, and maintenance of agriculture irrigation systems. Before the adoption of a particular agriculture irrigation system, it is essential to identify key inputs necessary to enhance the viability of the project. These inputs range from agriculture aspects to economic and financial aspects.

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