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Rainbird Products Malaysia

Rainbird Products

Rainbird is one of the most trusted brands in the irrigation industry and is a premier manufacturer of irrigation products. Together with their partners and authorized suppliers such as Wastech, the company is revolutionizing irrigation globally. Rainbird products have helped increase agricultural output for many farmers across the world.

Wastech supplies agriculture and horticulture irrigation products for leading brands.

We are the supplier of choice in Malaysia for the latest rainbird products in the market, and stock a full range of Rainbird patented Drip, Sprinkler, Micro Sprinkler products. The products are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

Commercial cultivation

For commercial cultivation, you need a regular irrigation regime which has a significant effect on both the quantity and quality of crops. Rainbird’s products are an excellent choice for Greenhouses, nurseries orchards, Vineyards, landscapes &garden plots. For optimal results, we highly recommend Rainbird’s automated fertigation systems to manage your irrigation and fertilization.

Decrease your labor costs

Labor costs constitute a huge proportion of overall costs for commercial agriculture. In this regard, decreasing your labor costs should be one of the primary goals of farmers. Rainbird products help minimize the amount of work that needs to be done manually.

With the latest Rainbird agriculture solutions, companies can free up workers to focus on other areas of importance. Ultimately, the latest rainbird products are designed to help farmers achieve more effective and efficient crop production.

Increase quality and quantity of yield

Wastech stocks a wide array of irrigation products to help our clients optimize the care given to their crops. If you need automation irrigation solutions, the Rainbird product range provides robust soil moisture and field condition monitoring data that increases yield per drop.

It’s worth mentioning that farmers that don’t measure and analyze various results are not likely to enhance their yield quality and quantity. Automated irrigation solutions are excellent in helping farmers make more informed decisions, and ultimately achieve a better return on investment (ROI).


Rainbird offers an extensive range of high-quality sprinklers for agricultural and landscape irrigation. The sprinklers are ideal for diverse applications in open fields, plantations, orchards etc. They cover a wide range of wetting diameters depending on your specific application. When it comes to greenhouse agriculture, our selection of Rainbird products offer the utmost value for money, whether for home or commercial applications.

Wastech is committed to establishing the correct balance between clients’ needs and factors such as technology, agro-economics, and crop requirements. Our product range is carefully selected for various types of crops, to ensure optimal conditions to maximize quality yields and profitability.

If you are looking for Rainbird products in Malaysia, feel free to contact us for a quotation. You can make an online purchase or pick the products from our store.

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