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Fertilizers That Prevent Nutrients Leaching Malaysia

Fertilizers That Prevent Nutrients Leaching

Fertigation has been widely used, not only in Malaysia but globally to stimulate growth and boost crop production. It’s an excellent method that enables the optimum application of nutrients directly into the crop root zone. Ideally, proper fertigation should involve using highly efficient and sustainable fertilizers for growers to increase their competitive edge.

Why use fertigation?

Fertigation enhances efficiency and flexibility in your crop production. It minimizes overfeeding and underfeeding of your plantation. The precise application of fertilizers reduces nutrient loss as a result of leaching.

Fundamentals of proper fertigation management

 Before commencing on a fertigation program, growers should consider the following factors that significantly affect plant growth and the entire crop production in general:

Fertilizer selection

When it comes to fertigation, growers have to choose between varying types of water-soluble and liquid fertilziers. Suitable fertilizers should be ideal for the crop growth stages, besides your irrigation system type. For commercial agriculture, it’s recommended that you hire the right professionals who can reliably advise you on how best to achieve quality and quantity yields.

Fertilizer compatibility

Fertilizer compatibility is fundamental to the success of your fertigation project. As a grower, you need highly compatible fertilizers that will enhance the availability and uptake by the plant. Your fertilizers of choice should prevent nutrient leaching.

Fertigation schedule

It’s worth noting that precise fertilizer application to a large extent influences the overall success of your fertigation project. Having a fertigation schedule is a critical part of proper fertigation management.  Having a tailored fertigation schedule helps prevent either over-fertilization or under fertilization.

Over-fertilization has adverse effects on both plants and the environment. It causes leaching of nutrients thus huge costs for growers. Under-fertilization essentially means that you are not getting the maximum benefit from your fertilizers. It hinders the optimal growth of your plants. A fertigation schedule should be tailored to your irrigation system, as well as the crop growth stages and soil properties.

pH levels of the irrigation water

Fundamentally, your irrigation water is within the right pH range, usually from 5.5-7.0. Too high pH affects the absorption of the much-needed plant nutrients including phosphorus, zinc, and iron. On the other hand, water with too low pH has been found to impacting crop growth.

Environmental friendly fertilizers

Choose Wastech Mulitgreen for environmental friendly fertilizers that enable minimum leaching. Our assortment of fertilizers is not only safe for plants but is designed to provide sustainable and balanced plant nutrients. The simplified application of the products minimizes fertilizer rounds.

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