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Micronutrients Fertilizers Malaysia

Micronutrients Fertilizers

The need for micronutrients for your plants

Micronutrients play a fundamental role in achieving quality and quantity yields. High-yield plants require essential micronutrients from the soil throughout the growing season. Use of soil testing and plant analyses is an excellent way to identify micronutrient deficiencies.

Micronutrients are fundamental in the overall plant health and development. Some of the essential micronutrients include chlorine, boron, zinc, and iron, among others. In most cases, soils become less fertile with time, thus leading to a short supply of micronutrients for growing plants.

In this regards, using the right micronutrient fertilizers helps the plants and soil to thrive again. Ideally, your fertilizers should have minimal if any micronutrient contaminants. Choosing the right micronutrients fertilizers is essential to boost your soil fertility and enhance your yields.

Choosing the right fertilizer supplier

As a grower, you want quality fertilizers that will provide your plants with full, balanced nutrition. Your fertilizer company of choice should offer solutions to the specific needs of your plants.

Micronutrients fertilizers from Wastech Mutligreen are tailored to ensure your plants have essential nutrients exactly where and when they need them most. As a grower, you want fertilization products that will boost plant performance and overcome nutrient deficiencies.

Wastech Multigreen offers two premium macronutrients fertilizers products: Ultra Yield Copper Oxy-sulfate 15% and Ultra Yield Copper Oxy-sulfate + B. Both of the products are highly recommended for fertilizer blending and can be used to counter deficiency problems in plants.

Ultra Yield Copper Oxy-sulfate 15%, in particular, is manufactured from Copper Sulfate, Copper Oxide, Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Oxide and Sulfuric Acid. Its 50% solubility provides rapid availability and sustainability of the macronutrients. The fertilizer can give a quick correction for deficiency problems in crops.

On the other hand, Ultra Yield Copper Oxy-sulfate + B is manufactured from Oxy-sulfate consisting Copper, Zinc and Sodium Borate. The granular micronutrient fertilizer is rich in three essential micro-elements (Copper, Zinz and Boron) that are essential for plant growth and yields. Furthermore, it’s a slow-release fertilizer, thus providing a continuous and sustainable supply of micronutrients.

Final thoughts

Micronutrient deficiencies in plants are usually evident through various plant symptoms. Through soil tests and plant analysis, growers can reliably determine if the cause is nutritional. Application rates for macronutrient fertilizers may vary depending on the soil pH level and degree of deficiency.

We highly recommend consulting your agronomist to advise on best fertilizer type and application rates that are suitable for your plants and soil type — looking for micronutrients fertilizers in Malaysia? Contact us today for a custom package.

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