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Urea Fertilizer Supplier Malaysia

Urea Fertilizer Supplier

What is urea?

Urea is a highly soluble and organic compound widely used in making fertilizers. It is a reliable source of nitrogen. Urea based fertilizers are a cost-effective solution to support optimum efficiency plant growth.

Proper application of the fertilizers has led to attractive yields for growers across the world.

Today, customers have plenty to choose from in terms of a range of Nitrogen and Sulphur fertilizers with urea for use on cereals, grassland and all arable crops. When properly applied, urea fertilizers are an unmatched source of nitrogen and nitrogenous compounds. Urea is applied to soil in many forms such as a solid, solution or even as a foliar spray.

Profound advantages

Using the right urea fertilizers can stimulate your plants within a short period and increase the yields by massive proportions. However, it’s critical that they are applied in measured ratios. Urea fertilizers contain a quality nutrient composition to improve the soil’s productivity.

Additionally, it’s highly effective in enriching nutrient constituency.

Urea promotes plant life, ensuring each plant gets the much-needed elements. It undergoes vital transformations in the soil and separates into ammonium form. For many growers, urea fertilizers are a critical part of the overall soil improvement strategy.

Application of Urea fertilizers

Urea fertilizers consist of soluble nutrients that can be utilized to either prepare or adjust nutrient solution. In some cases, urea fertilizers are applied alone to improve the nitrogen status in soil.

Soil incorporation of urea fertilizers is critical to minimize such losses. Growers need to monitor the uptake patterns of crops closely. Consequently, they can determine the best timing of urea fertilizer application reliably.

Final thoughts

It’s worth noting that urea a hygroscopic nature. The fertilizers should be stored in sealed and well-enclosed bags.

Improper application of Urea fertilizers has adverse effects, and can even damage plants. Growers should exercise proper caution during application.

Inhaling of urea may cause allergic reactions to some people. However, urea fertilizers can be transported easily, besides safe handling.

Wastech Multigreen is the fertilizer company of choice for the best fertilization products. Besides our proven fertilizer blends, we also custom blend fertilizers for your plant’s unique soil conditions. Get in touch with our team for more information.

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