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Oil Palm Starter Fertilizer Malaysia

Benefits of Oil Palm Starter Fertilizer

A critical product for oil palm growers Oil palm starter fertilizers play an essential role in achieving high yields for oil palms. Oil palm starter fertilizer allows the young plants to receive the much-needed nutrients early on in their growth. These are some of the fundamental advantages of using starter fertilizers in oil palm farming. 

Increased yield

Oil palm starter fertilizers have been widely adopted to achieve the highest yield possible. Multigreen® Oil Palm Starter 20+8+10+2MgO+TE from Wastech Multigreen is the go-to starter fertilizer for growers looking to achieve optimal palm growth and yield. The fertilizer is specially formulated to provide balanced, continuous and sustainable plant nutrients to the plants for its early stage of growth.

Increased fertilizer efficiency

When it comes to oil palm starter fertilizers, the essential nutrients are applied more efficiently. Consequently, users benefit from a higher return on investment for their fertilizer costs. Starter fertilizers allow for simplified application with minimal fertilizer yields. 

It promotes an increase in early season plant growth, increased nutrient availability, and earlier crop maturity. The fertilizer is typically placed in the planting hole. As a result, it is easily accessible for a young root system, leading to enhanced growth. 

Environmental friendly

It’s important to note that oil palm starter fertilizers promote sound ecological effect. Innovative fertilizer products with its unique polymer coating from Wastech Multigreen is tailored for more sustainability while providing enhanced fertilizer efficiency to increase yields. The fertilizers are environmentally friendly, ensuring minimum leaching.

Managing field nutrient variability

More often than not, soil fertility varies across the field. Additionally, crops have varying responses to applied nutrients. In some situations, the soil may be out of balance due to a lack of some nutrients.

Using quality and balanced starter fertilizer helps achieve the right nutrient levels for your soil. Starter fertilizers are highly effective for managing nutrient variability in your plantation. 

Rapid early season growth

One of the most profound benefits of oil palm fertilizers is more rapid early season growth. When it comes to oil palm grower, the importance of having a healthy and extensive root system cannot be overlooked.

The overall health of your trees depends on how fast and to what extent a plant root system can access the much-needed nutrient supplies. Without proper nutrients during early plant growth, the exploration of the root is limited or slowed, thus plant growth is affected.

Final thoughts

As discussed, starter fertilizers offer many benefits for growers. For the oil palm industry, starter fertilizers help protect growers against nutrient variability and adverse growing conditions. It also helps the palms to achieve early maturity thus earlier return of investment. A lot of tests on oil palm plantations have consistently supported its use. 

Nourish your soil and give your plants a growth boost with the latest oil palm starter fertilizer from Wastech Multigreen. 

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