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Irrigation Controller Supplier Malaysia

Choosing The Best Irrigation Controller

Irrigation controllers are very useful in regulating the water flow in an irrigation system.

For best watering results, a controlled amount of water must be supplied to plants at regular intervals. A proper irrigation system with the right accessories, including controllers, pipes and fittings ensures consistency in watering, which is essential for plant health.

Wastech stocks an array of user-friendly features and smart controller water-saving options designed to cover a wide range of open-field projects for both household and commercial applications. As a customer-centric company, we understand the need to ensure proper water usage and conservation for various applications such as agriculture, landscape and sports facilities.

Robustness and reliability

The controller should be reliable and flexible enough to manage an adequate number of irrigation valves, and multiple main lines in the field. When it comes to irrigation controllers, dependable performance is especially important for largescale commercial applications. You want products and accessories that will perform year after year, as perfectly as they left the factory.

Outdated irrigation products are prone to failure and are likely to affect the overall performance of an irrigation system. If you haven’t already, it’s imperative to switch to innovative controllers with enhanced capabilities. The latest irrigation controllers supplied by Wastech set an industry standard for ease of use and automation.


The most advanced irrigation controllers are designed to incorporate both historical and current weather data to determine the unique watering needs of a specific zone. Such controllers have inbuilt soil moisture sensors to accurately monitor the moisture level for each zone.  Ultimately, irrigation controllers help achieve a water-efficient remote management system.


For utmost value for money, you want a high-quality irrigation controller that is developed for use in both basic household systems and large-scale commercial applications.

The range of irrigation controllers from Wastech is suitable for a range of application including field crops, greenhouses and even extensive plantations. The products are built to meet the most demanding irrigation projects.


For commercial applications, you want well-designed irrigation controllers that can ensure round-the-clock performance and maximize your yields. Today, there is increased emphasis on irrigation systems efficiency because of water shortages, besides high water costs. The latest irrigation controllers thus have various innovative features to ensure maximum water savings.

At Wastech, our core focus is on water efficiency and performance. In this regard, we supply water-efficient irrigation products to help minimize water use while at the same time ensuring the adequate watering of your plants. We help our customers save money, while at the same time maintaining utmost standards without compromising performance.

Stringent Quality Controls

As a customer, you want irrigation controllers that are designed and manufactured under stringent quality controls. Wastech assures top-notch quality products as each controller undergoes quality checks.

The reliability of any irrigation system is critical. In this regard, irrigation controllers should be regularly monitored by trained professionals to maximize the performance of the overall watering system.

Get a Price Quote from Wastech

Looking for an irrigation controller supplier in Malaysia? We believe that your irrigation system deserves perfection in every detail. Regardless of the size or the volume of your irrigation project, buying the latest products in our portfolio may be more cost-friendly than you think. Get a customized quote from us today!

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