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NaanDanJain Products Malaysia

NaanDanJain Products

Wastech is committed to supplying the best quality irrigation solutions that are proven and tested to deliver maximum productivity per unit of resources. To meet the diverse needs of our clients, Wastech has made long-lived associations with globally trusted irrigation brands including NaanDanJain.

Wastech, your leading, one-stop shop for irrigation supplies, is proud to supply the full range of NaanDanJain products including drip lines, sprinklers, micro-sprinklers, residential and landscape systems, and accessories. We only partner with the best brands, and only select premium quality products to offer to our diverse clients, so you are certain you’ll be purchasing a great quality product.

Drip irrigation

NaanDanJain dripline technologies are proven and tested to provide efficient, flexible and economical solutions for a full range of crops in diverse conditions, tailored to different customer needs. At Wastech, we stock an extensive product range for NaanDanJain drip irrigation that is ideal for irrigation in even the toughest topography areas and where long laterals are necessary.

The dripline technologies have been widely adopted for accurate irrigation of orchards, open field crops and greenhouses. The products are designed to withstand root intrusion.

NaanDanJain drip irrigation products are proven and tested to ensure utmost clog resistance and enhanced durability.

In addition, the wide water passages enable convenient flushing of sand and other dirt particles. As a customer, you want an irrigation system that facilitates self-cleaning. Wastech stocks a full range of wall thickness. The latest NaanDanJain driplines feature superior design for enhanced accuracy, clogging resistance and reliability.


NaanDanJain wide array of sprinklers are tailored to offer a high level of accuracy, uniformity and reliability. The product selection includes sprayers, rotors, misters and foggers.

Sprinklers are ideal for extensive areas of plantation in landscapes, flower beds, nurseries and horticultural applications. NaanDanJain’s sprinklers are highly rated for distribution uniformity.

Greenhouse irrigation products

For many years, NaanDanJain has been at the forefront in developing the most advanced greenhouse irrigation products. For greenhouse farming, customers are looking for innovative products that supply precise moisture and humidity depending on the specific needs of your crops. NaanDanJain foggers and micro-sprinklers have varying droplet sizes, helping maintain the desired conditions for greenhouse farming.

You can use NaanDanJain greenhouse products to enable crops to grow faster, more efficiently, and more sustainably, regardless of external conditions. The Wastech team works closely with our diverse clients to offer the best agronomic and technical advice to ensure outstanding results and value for money.

Superior irrigation products

NaanDanJain boasts over 7 decades of industrial experience and their products are highly recommended for both subsistence farming and large-scale projects, especially if you want higher crop yields, minimizes risks, and save on resources.

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