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Polymer Coated Fertilizer Malaysia

Polymer Coated Fertilizer Supplier

Polymers for coating fertilizers are mostly made up of polyurethane and resins. A variety of coatings have been developed to control the solubility of fertilizer particles in the soil. Different coated fertilizers have varying patterns of nutrient release that are primarily influenced by the polymer composition, and coating thickness.


The patterns can also depend on environmental factors such as moisture and soil temperature.


Coating processes and materials vary among fertilizer manufacturer. However, most coated fertilizers have Urea as their base material. Ultimately, growers want quality polymer coatings that can provide multiple environmental, economic, and yield benefits. 


Polymer-coated fertilizers are highly recommended to eliminate leaf burn. They also help reduce plant toxicity. 


Multigreen® CRF is the latest polymer-coated fertilizer from Wastech Multigreen that offers 12 months extended longevity, making it sustainable for growers. The unique fertilizer is specially formulated to provide balanced, continuous and sustainable plant nutrients to Palm Trees, Acacia and Leguminous trees. It’s highly recommended to ensure your trees achieve optimal growth and yield.


Polymer-coated fertilizers are useful for agricultural and horticultural applications. They promote an extended supply of nutrients which has many benefits for different types of plants. Also, growers using the fertilizers save immensely on labour and application costs. Multigreen® CRF, in particular, offers simplified application, thus minimal fertilizer rounds.


Polymer-coated fertilizers are excellent for soil conditions involving high nutrient levels. They enable increased nutrient release timing. Consequently, the fertilizers allow a timely and efficient fertilization program. Growers must understand the mechanism of nutrient release. For maximum benefits from polymer-coated fertilizers, it’s critical to synchronize the duration of nutrient release with the periods of plant nutrient uptake.


As a grower, you want fertilizers that will provide uniform plant nutrition, which ensures enhanced plant performance, besides better growth. Coating fertilizers with organic polymers enable them to release nutrients into the soil gradually, with extended longevity. 


The coating provides utmost physical protection, which combined with the gradual release of nutrients minimizes the loss of nutrients leaching into the soil. Ideally, your fertilizer of choice should be environmental friendly with minimum leaching.


Why choose Wastech Multigreen? Our name is synonymous with quality fertilizers that have been proven to work in the field. We serve a wide array of clientele from major agricultural sectors.

Our customers include oil palm plantations, forestry plantations, horticulture nurseries, rice fields, hydroponics farming and golf courses from Malaysia and beyond. If you are looking for polymer-coated fertilizers or related products in Malaysia, be sure to contact us today.

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