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Water Soluble Fertilizer Malaysia

Water Soluble Fertilizer

As the same suggests, water-soluble fertilizers are readily soluble in water. The fertilizers are highly recommended for the special uses in foliar spraying application, soilless culture, hydroponics application and fertigation purposes.

With the increasing need for more global food production, the demand for water-soluble fertilizer is projected to increase in the coming years.

Multifeed® WSF Water Soluble NPK Fertilizer from Wastech Multigreen is ideal for both drip fertigation and foliar spray and hydroponics application. It’s proven and tested in improving yields and crop quality. The fertilizers provide proper amounts of nutrients, thus leading to continuous optimum growth for your plants. This article explores some of the fundamental reasons why you should consider water-soluble fertilizers.


Water-soluble fertilizers may seem more costly compared to other fertilizers in the market. However, the fertilizers help save considerable costs in the long run. With the use of the right water-soluble fertilizers, growers can expect significant savings on water, labour and fertilizer.

Modern farming

WSF is a very useful nutrients solution for modern farming. Hydroponics and soilless culture are widely practiced in the world for food production when the agriculture lands, water sources are scarce and expensive. They have been proven to increase production by double. And the nutrients and water used are very much reduced.


Water-soluble fertilizers are ideal for both subsistence and commercial farming. With many types available in the market, you can choose the perfect product based on your requirements. Suitable fertilizers should satisfy the nutrients, macro and micronutrients needs of your plants and soil. Growers have variety of choices according to their requirements. They can choose from single or double elements for professional uses or tailor-made formulas for amateurs.

Easy mixing with water

Water-soluble fertilizers are readily soluble in water without any impurities, thus easy application during irrigation. The fertilizers are generally straightforward to apply. Before their use, the fertilizer must be appropriately diluted based on the instructions. Besides being free-flowing, the fertilizers dissolve quickly in water.

Allows you to grow more with each drop

Water-soluble fertilizers have been widely adopted to enhance yields in green houses and farms. When properly used, water-soluble fertilizers will help maximize both yield and quality. Upon application of the fertilizers, nutrients are available to the plant roots almost immediately.

Why choose us?

Multifeed® WSF Water Soluble NPK Fertilizer is highly recommended for its abundant chelated micro-elements. Also, the fertilizer is 100% water-soluble and is an excellent choice for growers looking for high-quality nutrients for essential plant growth. With our commitment to product safety, the products are free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals.

Are you looking for quality water-soluble fertilizer in Malaysia? Contact us today for the best bargains.

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