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Fertilizer Suppliers Malaysia

Fertilizer Suppliers

Before buying fertilizers, there are many fundamental questions to ask including the right fertilizer for the right crops, stages, soil type, environmental issues, labour problems, quality of the fertilizer, and the cost efficiency. Ultimately, you want fertilizers with high-quality nutrients in the right formulations. So what should you look for in a suitable supplier?

Suitable fertilizer supplier should be equip with years of experience in the industry. As a grower, we recommend working with a well-established supplier that can provide valuable advice on how to achieve maximum value from your fertilizers. It’s critical to work with a reputable brand.

Ultimately, growers want a variety of options to choose from in terms of suitable nutrients for their plants. Wastech Multigreen has developed an unmatched assortment of fertilizer supplies that are ideal for diverse agricultural applications including oil palm plantations, forestry plantations, orchards, horticulture nurseries, rice fields, hydroponics farming and golf courses.

Technical advice
As a grower, you want a fertilizer supplier that will provide excellent customer service and after-sales support. At Wastech, we listen to your specific needs and subsequently help you develop the right package of product and service. We also provide technical and consultancy services that are tailored to market needs.

Environmental regulations
Regulations have significantly influenced the way growers use fertilizers. Most countries have strict standards for fertilizer usage and manufacturing. Both fertilizer manufacturers and growers should adhere to all relevant regulations.
Before buying from a particular supplier, we recommend ensuring the company meets all relevant regulations. As a grower, it’s fundamental to choose environmentally friendly fertilization products. The fertilizers should ensure minimum leaching.

Custom fertilizer blends for growers

Different growers have varying plant nutrition needs. Majority of growers want unique products that will ensure sufficient nutrition. As a result, more and more fertilizer manufacturers are providing custom formulations for their products.

Through custom blends, manufacturers can deliver flexibility and performance for clients, based on their specific needs. Besides the assortment of top-selling and proven fertilizer blends, Wastech Multigreen can also custom blend fertilizers for your crops’ unique soil conditions

Fertilizers should be stored in proper packaging. In this regards, responsible fertilizer suppliers should provide simple but sturdy packaging for their products. Additionally, the company should differentiate its range of products to offer more convenience for customers.

Why buy from us?
Fertilizers from Wastech Multigreen offer full range of formulations and proven record of excellent, good results. . Our company has dedicated many years to advancing the science of plant nutrition. It is our goal to deliver quality fertilizers that help your plants look healthy and to achieve high yields performance.

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