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Oil Palm Irrigation Supplier Malaysia

Oil Palm Irrigation Supplier

Oil palm is a highly efficient crop, especially considering oil production and energy balance. Fruit yield can be as much as 30 tons/ha based on area conditions and agricultural practices. Wastech has a cost-effective product portfolio, tailored to suit the challenging requirements of oil palm farmers worldwide.

Palm oil is used in a wide array of processed foods and industries.  One of the most popular sources of vegetable fats, oil palm is a perennial crop with a productive lifespan of about 40 years. Palm oil is highly saturated and semi-solid at room temperature.

Primary uses of oil palm

As a plant-based product, palm oil has minimal cholesterol hence a very healthy choice for human consumption. In this regard, palm oil is for cooking oil and margarine and is a popular cooking ingredient across the world.

Oil palm is also used for making oil for the cosmetic industry. It’s also great for industrial oil, besides also oil for biodiesel production. In addition, residues of palm oil extraction can be utilized as fertilizer and mulch, and even as alimentation of livestock.

Growing oil palm trees

When it comes to oil palm growing, the trees can thrive in almost all soil types. Well-drained, deep fertile loamy to loam-clay soil are the most ideal for optimal growth. When it comes to water requirements, oil palm is widely grown in tropical areas that experience abundant rainfall throughout the year.

Oil palm is a fast-growing crop with high productivity, thus the need for adequate water supply. It’s worth mentioning that low moisture is one of the most common reasons for low oil palm yield.

In instances oil palm is grown in areas where rain doesn’t meet the water demands, oil palm production can be adversely affected. For such cases, it’s highly recommended that you supplement the water deficit with irrigation water.

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is highly ideal for oil palm production, as it provides uniform soil moisture and outstanding aeration so that moisture and nutrients can access the oil palm root zone efficiently. With the irrigation technique, oil palm trees are likely to achieve full maturity faster compared to other techniques.

Product warranty

We recommend purchasing oil palm irrigation products that have a warranty. For some products, customers are entitled to have irrigation products repaired or replaced in case the goods don’t meet acceptable quality and product failure doesn’t amount to a major failure.

Looking for oil palm irrigation supplies? Wastech is your go-to shop for irrigation supplies and professional advice.

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