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Agriculture Mulch Malaysia

The Right Mulch to Boost Your Plant

Keeping your plants healthy and thriving throughout the year can be achieved using quality mulch. A good quality mulch will help your palms growth in healthy environment beside other more significant benefits.

Reduce weeding

An excellent strategy for controlling weeds merely is shading them out. When applied around the base of plants, mulch helps prevent the growth of weeds. Sunlight is fundamental for the thriving of every plant. The food-making process of photosynthesis requires adequate direct sunlight. Mulch blocks sun rays from passing through to the weed, thus preventing their growth.

Conserve soil moisture

Agriculture mulch has excellent moisture barrier properties. Through the use of mulch, water that evaporates from soil surface condenses on the surfaces of the mulch. Subsequently, it falls back as droplets. Mulch thus prevents soil moisture from escaping to the atmosphere.

More and more plantation farmers are using mulch to preserve moisture for extended periods. Ultimately, mulch has helped save high costs in terms of water irrigation consumption.

Quality produce

Having the right mulch helps promote healthy plant growth. It protects plant roots from extreme temperature, thus providing suitable moisture conditions. For commercial farmers, you want the best quality yield that will stand out in the market, thus giving you a competitive edge.

Improving your soil

Agriculture mulch controls soil erosion by reducing the impact of raindrops, besides slowing runoff. It helps conserve soil moisture. Mulching is highly effective in improving the soil around plants.

In this regards, mulch helps ensure the soil in the right condition to support plant growth. As a farmer, we highly recommend having the right mulch that will ensure that your soil surface doesn’t quickly dry out.


Mulch helps reduce weed infestation, besides promoting healthy plant growth. As a grower, you benefit from considerable cost savings for herbicides spraying and also protect your plants from costly herbicides injuries. Ideally, your agriculture mulch should be labour saving in terms of the time spent on watering and weeding

Why choose us?

Wastech Multi-mulch is an excellent choice for both small scale and large scale farmers. It’s available in different sizes and thickness to suit varying agricultural uses. The quality of our agriculture mulch has been tested and proven to work consistently.

Wastech multigreen is also a market leader when it comes to proven fertilizer blends and Controlled Release Fertilizers. Our customers range from major sectors of agriculture, such as oil palm plantations, forestry plantations, horticulture nurseries, rice fields, hydroponics farming and golf courses from Malaysia and beyond. Contact us today for a detail product information and special size requirement for the mulch.

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