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Chemical Fertilizers Supplier Malaysia

Chemical Fertilizers Supplier

Innovative agricultural machines and farming methods are being introduced across the world to enhance agricultural productivity. In spite of the advancements, one thing has been constant- the use of fertilizers as a superior and extremely efficient means to promote and enhance the growth and development of plants.

Fertilizer manufacturers have introduced many synthetic degradable and non-degradable fertilizers, each with its pros and cons.


Chemical fertilizers are ideal for both commercial and subsistence farming. They are highly recommended to provide adequate amounts of much-needed nutrients. When it comes to chemical fertilizers, growers are looking for efficient fertilization that will give immediate nourishment to plants. 




Chemical fertilizers contain more nutrients per pound and therefore minimize costs. Also, chemical fertilizers are generally much cheaper than organic fertilizers. The formulations are precise, based on its intended use, making the fertilizers very cost-effective. 


How chemical fertilizers work

Chemical fertilizers are generally made up of non-degradable constituents. They are added to the soil to promote reliable and faster growth of plants. As a grower, it’s essential to keep in mind that certain nutrients are needed by plants to achieve quality and quantity yields. 


Chemical fertilizers contain several fundamental growth nutrients, including phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. 

Improper application of chemical fertilizers not only adversely affects the plants, but also the environment. Growers must, therefore, make informed decisions regarding the choice of fertilizers and application rates. 


Faster results

Chemical fertilizers work faster than organic fertilizers and are thus very ideal for commercial farming. Their elements are usually in easily soluble form and therefore absorbed by the soil promptly. Unlike organic fertilizers which need a longer time-frame, chemical fertilizers take less time to impact the growth of plants. 

It’s thus no surprise that many growers trust the fertilizers for a fastened and precise fertilization action. 


Chemical fertilizers are formulated and mixed with suitable elements and acids that are ideal for different plants. Suitable chemical fertilizers should be based on various factors including the types of plants, growing condition, soil texture and season. We highly recommend the application of chemical fertilizers in precise quantities. 



Chemical fertilizers can be very hazardous. In this regards, you should avoid any physical contact with the products. Farmers are advised to use protective clothing such as gloves during application. Inhalation or consumption might have serious effects, including injuries, allergies, and at worst, death.


At Wastech Multigreen, our chemical fertilizers contain a well-blended mixture of compounds and chemicals that are much needed by the plants for improved and nourished growth.

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