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Foliar Spray Fertilizer Malaysia

The Ins And Outs of Foliar Spray Fertilizer

Foliar Fertilization is one of the most efficient ways to satisfy your plants’ nutritional needs. There are many varieties of foliar spray fertilizers in the market. Foliar fertilizers are highly recommended for diverse agricultural applications to provide balanced, complete plant nutrition. This article gives an insight into how you can use foliar spray fertilizers to stimulate growth and enhance the health of your plants. 


How are they applied?

Different plants have varying levels of fertility. Foliar sprays are excellent for boosting plants that have certain nutrient deficiencies. Instead of putting the fertilizer into the soil, foliar spray fertilizers are sprayed directly to a plant’s leaves.


We highly recommend that you apply foliar spray fertilizers when the air is cool, for example during early morning. 



During spraying, you should ensure the plants get an adequate amount of foliar spray fertilizers. In this regards, continue spraying until you notice the chemical dripping from the leaves. The underside of the leaves shouldn’t be neglected. Incorrect application of foliar spray fertilizers can have a detrimental effect on your plants. It’s thus fundamental that you follow all the dos and don’ts with regards to using the products. 


Most ideal conditions 

Foliar spray fertilizer is ideal when prevailing environmental conditions inhibit the uptake of nutrients through the roots. Some of these conditions include nutrient imbalances in the soil, very high or low soil pH, and temperature stress. Additionally, some pests may affect nutrient uptake through the roots, making foliar fertilizer application the most suitable choice. 


Why use foliar spray fertilizer?


Through the use of foliar spray fertilizers, growers have been able to improve yields cost-effectively. It’s an excellent solution for plants with some degree of stress. Foliar sprays fertilizer is generally less concentrated compared to fertilizer placed on the soil. 

It’s worth noting that plants absorb nutrients through the leaf quicker compared to other parts such as the root and stem. Foliar spray fertilizers tend to be highly effective, especially since they are sprayed directly on the leaves. With foliar feeding, growers can concentrate on the plants that appear nutrient deficient. As a result, there is a prudent use of resources, besides promotion of the plants’ health.  


Ultimately, foliar spray fertilizers are associated with better plant quality and higher yields. Are you looking for premium fertilizer in Malaysia? Wastech Multigreen offers a range of water-soluble NPK fertilizers for foliar application. The fertilizers provide faster absorption for responses. Get in touch with us for the best bargains. 

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