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Solenoid Valve for Irrigation Malaysia

Solenoid Valve for Irrigation

Innovative, efficient and cost-friendly irrigation products are essential, especially considering the agriculture sector is constantly expanding, while water shortage is increasing on the other hand. Solenoid valves are excellent in automating irrigation systems and help in providing utmost control over irrigation projects for both commercial or residential applications.

The irrigation products open and close one solenoid at a time, based on specific user settings. Solenoid valves for irrigation are ideal for pop-up sprinklers, drip and spray systems.

They are electrically controlled, hydraulically operated valves.

 A multitude of valves options is available depending on varying applications. Most brands manufacturer solenoid valves for irrigation in an array of configurations. Solenoid valves typically require a minimum operating pressure for the valves to open.

Efficiency, Reliability and Quality

Wastech  offers diverse irrigation solutions for agriculture, greenhouses, landscaping, among other applications. We only stock solenoid valves that are proven and tested to provide utmost reliability and durability. Our solenoid valves are ideal for a wide variety of crops, soil, water and climate.

Wastech is keen on supplying innovative products that help farmers achieve high yields with a minimum budget in terms of water and other resources, and in an easy and convenient application in the field.

Solid construction

It’s essential to purchase heavy-duty valves that are built to withstand the rigors of residential and commercial irrigation applications. In this regard, your product of choice should feature durable solid construction to prevent stress failure. In addition, the valves should ensure low frictional losses

Maintenance and care

Solenoid valves can either be installed above or below ground.  When it comes to serviceability, it’s imperative to choose solenoid valves for irrigation that are easily serviced without removal from the irrigation system. Also, reverse-flow designs can reliably handle the diverse and challenging needs of any landscape.

In addition, it’s imperative to keep your solenoid valves clean. It’s worth mentioning that sand, grit or other particles may affect the valve performance. Also, any debris in the solenoid valve will void most warranties. Installing a filter at the start of the irrigation system prevents dirt from entering the pipes, valves and other essential parts of the irrigation system.

Are you shopping for solenoid valves for irrigation? There is a wide array of valves available for water control. If you aren’t sure about the product to purchase, contact us and we will help you make a more informed choice.

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