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Golf Course Irrigation Supplier Malaysia

Golf Course Irrigation Supplier

Today, there is increasing demand for more sustainable watering solutions, especially for large-scale commercial applications such as plantations and golf course. In Malaysia, Wastech is at the forefront in promoting modern and cost-effective technology that provides enhanced golf course watering solutions.

Sustainable golf course irrigation

As a golf course owner, you want to adequately irrigate your course with much precision while ensuring water savings. With us, you can expect maximum water savings, which not only reduces costs but is good for the environment. As part of a modern irrigation system, we supply reliable and powerful rotors that will adequately water your course to ensure it is lush and thriving.

In addition, Wastech also stocks high-quality nozzles with high flow rates to provide water at a precise location, within a short time frame. Ultimately, we make it incredibly easy for our customers to automate and streamline irrigation management, thus helping maintain a flawless course.

Energy costs

One of the profound benefits of our golf course irrigation systems is that the cost of energy is considerably reduced. Energy costs make up a huge proportion of the overall costs associated with maintaining a golf course. In this regard, using the right golf course systems that save energy can significantly cut your costs, and give you a competitive edge.


The importance of having a reliable golf course irrigation system cannot be overstated. Irrigation systems are generally prone to reduced performance and possibly breakdown if not properly maintained. In this regard, we strongly recommend scheduled monitoring and maintenance by trained professionals.

It’s critical to periodically replace worn out parts with quality products and accessories. Also, maintenance of golf course irrigation systems should include checking if any of the pipes are blocked. A golden tip is to maintain and regularly review maintenance records. This is especially essential for large-scale golf course operations.

As a customer, you want a modern golf course irrigation system that eliminated any losses as a result of system failure and breakdown. As a customer-centric company, our products are proven and tested to enable you to achieve a beautiful landscape, with minimal maintenance required. The irrigation systems are an excellent fit for a full range of locations and environments

Irrigation uniformity

As a golf course owner, one of the costly mistakes you can make is compromising the quality of your golf course watering system. Wet spots and dry areas as a result of uneven watering can make your landscape very appealing for your customers.

 More often than not, having an outdated irrigation system will lead to such challenges. It’s primarily for this reason that many golf course companies hire trained professionals to carry out irrigation audits and subsequently put in place measures to ensure irrigation uniformity.

Market-tailored irrigation solutions

Wastech offers top-notch golf course irrigation supplies that are designed for projects of all scopes. From supplying valves, emitters, spray heads, hose swivel, nozzle, controls, connectors, filters to golf course irrigation equipment, we have our diverse clients covered. Wastech stocks popular brand including Rain Bird, Aqua, Netafim, and NaanDanJain.

When it comes to golf course irrigation, Wastech is synonymous with energy and water efficiency. We offer an array of innovative solutions that will take your golf course watering to the next level while protecting the environment. If you looking for a reputable golf course irrigation supplier in Malaysia, you are in the right place. We deliver countrywide for the ultimate convenience!



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