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Foliar Fertilizer Supplier Malaysia

Foliar Fertilizer Supplier

Why Foliar Fertilizers Are Important 

Growers can give their plants a much-needed boost with periodic sprays of foliar fertilizers. Plants may absorb nutrients more efficiently through their leaves when they are under certain conditions when their roots may be under stress, example, infertile soil type, high or low soil pH, too low or too high soil moisture, unhealthy roots due to diseases etc.

It’s thus no surprise that foliar fertilizers have been widely adopted to promote optimal growth and stimulate tired, stressed or diseased plants.

The soil must be fertile for most plants to thrive throughout the year. In this regards, foliar supplements are an excellent way to solve issues such as soil deficiencies. Consistent research has revealed that foliar feeding provides an alternative supplement to soil feedings.

The primary plant care essentials are water and sunlight. However, for most plants to perform well and thrive throughout the season, regular feeding with fertilizers becomes essential. Plants do need occasionally boosting with foliar fertilizers to enhance their growth and also extra nutrients requirements during flowering and productive period. More and more growers are using foliar fertilizers to make sure their plants are commercially viable. 

Solving nutrient deficiency

Majority of growers have experienced nutrient deficiency during some stages of the growing season. This occurs when your plants’ nutrient demand is more than the root uptake rate. Ultimately, it leads to poor development and slow plant growth. Foliar fertilizers are enriched with abundant macro/microelements for improving cell walls and correcting nutrient deficiencies

More precise fertilization

Foliar fertilizers enable growers to target nutrients specifically as opposed to relying on indirect application through the soil and roots. The fertilizers thus prevent nutrient deficiencies in critical organs. When looking for suitable foliar fertilizers, you must consider your plants’ specific nutritional needs. 

Effective supplement for your plants

Foliar fertilizers are proven and tested supplement that is very effective in enhancing plant health. Compared to other alternatives, most of the fertilizer ends up where it’s needed most. Foliar fertilizers offer immediate benefits and are thus a quick solution for struggling plants or those suffering from nutrient deficiencies. 

How to apply foliar fertilizers

Growers need to follow some precautions to ensure not only maximum benefit from the fertilizers but also prevent possible damage. This prevents fertilizer burn, which is detrimental to any plant’s health.

Why choose us?

Wastech Multigreen is the company of choice for top quality foliar fertilizer that will keep your crops robust, sturdy and healthy. Multifeed® WSF Water Soluble NPK fertilizer is one of our highly recommended product that is rich in nutrients for essential plant growth. The unique and innovative fertilizer is imported. It’s excellent for foliar feed. 

For commercial growers, our products are designed to improve yields and ensure your harvest stands out in the market. If you are looking for quality foliar fertilizer in Malaysia, our team will help you the ideal fertilizer based on your plant and soil type. Contact us today for a custom package. 

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