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Household Irrigation Supplier Malaysia

Household irrigation 101

Household irrigation systems comprise items such as valves, sprinklers, nozzles, emitters and filters, among others, all of which are utilized to achieve an effective irrigation system. At Wastech, we are synonymous with the supply of a comprehensive range of irrigation products that make world-class systems.

Water source

You must have a quality water source before starting any household irrigation project. Some water sources such as ponds may require the installation of a filtering system. Additionally, you want to measure the water pH level and make sure it’s ideal for your plants. A golden tip is to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation.

Automated irrigation

More people have adopted automatic sprinkler systems for their household irrigation. Such systems are typically designed with a rain sensor or moisture sensor shutoff device, thus maximum efficiency. When it comes to household irrigation, automation ensures consistency in water flow and most importantly, in soil moisture.

However, manually turning the water on and off at irregular intervals might be ideal if you use the household irrigation system to fertilize. As a grower, you want to maintain your lawn and landscape in prime condition with minimal maintenance checks.

Drip Irrigation Vs sprinklers

Drip irrigation systems are highly recommended for household irrigation. Such a system is efficient for a small yard or even for watering individual plants. For example, you can choose to supply one to four gallons of water hourly, directly to the soil. Unlike sprinklers, there is minimal water loss due to evaporation or runoff.  Drip irrigation is especially ideal for mulched terrain since the soil is properly soaked without washing away the mulch.

Sprinklers are some of the most common irrigation systems, and are used for diverse applications including lawns, landscaping, golf courses, athletic fields and farms. Complete sprinkler systems consist of different plumbing parts, piping and accessories. Also, modern sprinkler systems have automatic control equipment.

The latest sprinkler systems and drip irrigation supplies from Wastech are designed to ensure efficient water use. We supply the most efficient household irrigation products to prevent overwatering and ensure a precise amount of water, exactly where you need it.


When it comes to household irrigation, we strongly recommend that your irrigation systems are divided into zones. Zoning is important to ensure uniformity of flow, especially on uneven terrain. Ideally, you should split watering intervals between varying zones to water spaces incrementally, depending on the water needs of different plants and output of the water pump.

Regardless of the size of your field, you probably do not have an unlimited water supply to irrigate the entire field at once. Some areas need more water than others, thus the need to zoning the field based on factors such as sun exposure and plant types. Different plants have varying watering needs, thus the need to control the specific amount of water supplied in each zone.

When is the best time to irrigate my plants?

Irrigation experts recommend early morning irrigation since there is generally less evaporation. Also, avoid watering on windy days to save more water. You should irrigate your plants until the soil is adequately soaked, without any water running off. The irrigation schedule should primarily depend on the flow rate and the water required by the plants.

That being said, reducing the frequency of watering your plants allows the ground to properly dry between watering. It’s worth mentioning that older plants typically have deeper and more extensive root systems. As a result, they need less frequent irrigation.

System maintenance

Leaky and faulty irrigation equipment can waste a lot of water and money. In this regard, you should take time to regularly check irrigation equipment and accessories. When it comes to large scale commercial application, you must have qualified personnel to periodically inspect your irrigation system to be certain it’s working perfectly.

Final thoughts

Watering your plants can be one of the most daunting, and labour-intensive aspects of your household gardening project. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Choosing the right irrigation equipment will definitely make all the difference!

Wastech is the go-to household irrigation supplier in Malaysia. We deliver across the country, so you don’t even have to visit our premises! Contact our team for product information and ordering details.

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