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Slow Release Fertilizer Malaysia

Slow Release Fertilizer

Different plants and soil types have varying feeding needs. In this regards, fertilizers may deliver the much-needed nutrients either immediately or slowly over time. There are so many different fertilizers available that offer varying quantities of nutrients. Slow release fertilizers are one of the alternative in the market to cater for the needs.

Plants require regular feeding

Slow release fertilizers are one of the innovative products to meet most of your plants’ growing needs. The fertilizers prevent periods of intensive nutrition followed by starvation. With slow-release fertilizers, your plants will not receive a sudden surge of nutrients feeding but rather in slow and in a safer manner.

The choice immensely contributes to the plants’ overall health. Some fertilizers suddenly swamp plants’ roots all at once. Consequently, essential nutrients are depleted or washed away and wasted. With such fertilizers, your plants are not getting the optimum amount of nutrition throughout the planting period.

When it comes to slow-release fertilizers, nutrients are released slowly based on microbial activity, moisture and the chemical content in the soil. Many growers prefer the fertilizers, mainly because they are relatively safer and retain longer in the soil. Slow-release fertilizers have an impressive persistence in soil.

Minimal fertilizer loss

Majority of growers want fertilizers that will ensure minimal leaching.

Slow-release fertilizers minimize fertilizer loss as a result of seepage or runoff. They are the products of choice for growers to enhance nutrients uptake to the plants or into the soil with less wastage. They thus help in protecting the environment. It’s worth noting that slow-release fertilizers have a minimal detrimental effect on the soil or environment.

Increased crop production

Every grower wants to enhance the quality and quantity of their harvest. Slow release fertilizers may help to increase the quality of the yields and the crops. The slow release effects provide a safer uptake of nutrients required during the plants growth and yielding season.


As earlier mentioned, different plants and soil types have varying nutrient needs. It’s thus no surprise that there are many varieties of slow-release fertilizers in the market. Your slow-release fertilizer product of choice should provide sustainable and balanced plant nutrients. It’s thus imperative to consult an agronomist who can offer valuable advice about the ideal product for your plants and specific soil type.

Are you looking for slow-release fertilizers in Malaysia? Wastech Multigreen offers a unique assortment of fertilizers designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of your plants. Contact us today for a custom package. 


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