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Cost Saving Fertilizers Malaysia

Fundamentals of Using Cost Saving Fertilizers

Costs saving fertilizers have been a welcome relief for growers, especially considering variations in global commodity prices. Reduced cost of fertilization plays a fundamental role in achieving more cost-effective and profitable crop production.

Just like other factors such as commodity prices and crop acreages, fertilizers prices have immensely changed over the years.  Many growers are striving towards more efficient farming products and techniques to achieve maximum returns on each coin spent. For many growers, the high cost of fertigation products is a significant constraint in agricultural production. It’s thus no surprise that there is increasing demand for cost-saving fertilizers.

Soil testing

Conducting a soil test is an excellent way to determine the correct amount and type of fertilizer to use. Growers need to hire a professional who will not only carry out a proper soil test but also make appropriate recommendations based on the soil test calibration data. Growers should use no more fertilizers than recommended from the soil test.

Soil tests help to reliably determine how to cut some fertilizer costs without sacrificing yield. It helps develop a practical fertilizer management approach that suits specific growing needs.

Choose a realistic yield goal

Fertilizers are recommended for enhanced quality and quantity of yields. Ultimately, your yield goals should be based on the fertilizer recommendations made after soil tests. The yield goals may change from season to season.

Cutting fertilizer use

Cutting fertilizer use is not the best solutions for minimizing costs, as it might lead to reduced yields. Reducing fertilizers is only ideal in case the soil is reliably able to provide the much-needed nutrients without the need for fertilizer to boost its fertility.

Use of organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers minimize the need for fertilizers and pesticides, thus significant cost savings for growers. Regardless, the fertilizers offer results at par or better than traditional pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Cost of fertilization

As a grower, it’s imperative to work out the exact value of the fertilizer per hectare, besides the cost of individual nutrients per hectare for different fertilization products. Subsequently, you should decide on the best way to cut the costs.

Consult an agronomist

As a grower, it pays to make more informed decisions, especially with regards to choice of fertilization products. There are plenty of fertilizer options to choose from. We, therefore, recommend consulting an agronomist to provide valuable advice on most ideal fertilizers based on your plants and specific soil type.

Choose cost saving fertilizers

The unique assortment of fertilizers from Wastech Multigreen is incredibly cost effective and is proven to work in the field. The fertilizers have been widely used to provide sustainable and balanced plant nutrients. Our prices are very competitive, so you don’t have to break the bank!

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