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Landscape Irrigation Supplier Malaysia

Your landscape irrigation supplier of choice

With the advancement in watering technology, there are many ways of creating a lush landscape for your residential or commercial development. Based on the nature of the landscape and the specific goals at hand, you can use various kind of watering systems for a stress-free and economic landscape maintenance regimen. Ultimately, the quality and sustainability of your landscape primarily depend on the design, quality, installation and long-term maintenance of your landscape irrigation system. 

Wastech supplies advanced landscape irrigation solutions that have your landscaping watering needs covered. Our innovative irrigation systems are perfectly ideal for varying kind of landscapes. In this regard, the irrigation supplies are great for wide applications including agriculture, lawn, home garden, patio, greenhouse, and golf courses, among others.

Landscape irrigation technique

There are plenty of landscape irrigation solutions available in the Malaysian market. As a customer, you want the best options that optimize water use while helping achieve a green landscape. Wastech, we are passionate about sustainable agriculture that is geared towards conservation while ensuring the utmost value for money for our clients.

In this regard, we promote the most innovative landscape irrigation techniques, including micro-irrigation, sprinklers and spray irrigation systems that provide water directly to the roots of the plants. Such techniques ensure there is minimal water wastage and runoff. We stock the best quality equipment and accessories to meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele in Malaysia.

Landscape sprinkler system

Wastech is the go-to supplier for landscape sprinkler irrigation systems in Malaysia. Our full range of the latest sprinkler systems is designed to effectively cover extensive areas of turf with minimal labor and resources. The sprinklers can cover varying landscape depending on specific project requirements.

When it comes to landscape irrigation supplies, some of the products under our portfolio include valves, emitters, spray heads, nozzles, controls, connectors, and filters. The irrigation tubings for landscape use are made with high-quality material which ensures durable, UV resistant and long-life performance. You can choose different tubing size depending on your landscape irrigation project. When it comes to emitters, you can adjust them appropriately thus more water savings.

Ease of use and installation

Ideally, you want an innovative landscape irrigation supplier that you can install easily without much specialized igging or plumbing skills. This is especially important for a small-scale household irrigation project. At Wastech, our landscape irrigation equipment can be easily assembled and subsequently placed in soil.

Budget-friendly landscape irrigation

At Wastech, we offer different kinds of watering systems to optimize your outdoors with ease. We are more than a landscape irrigation supplier! As a customer-centric company, we have plenty of options depending on your specific requirements and budget. If you looking for landscape irrigation supplies in Malaysia, contact us today for a custom package.


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