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Controlled Release Fertilizer Supplier Malaysia

Controlled Release Fertilizer Supplier

Benefits of Controlled Release Fertilizer

Adopting the right fertilizer practices gives growers a real chance to minimize costs while producing high-quality crops. Wastech Multigreen offers a full range of controlled-release fertilizers available with different NPK formulations and longevities to suit different types of plants. 


Reduced fertilizer usage

As a farmer, you want minimal amounts of fertilizers to achieve the highest yields possible. There is a need for controlled release fertilizers that are highly efficient, without compromising on quality and safety. Wastech Multigreen’s CRF fertilizers help to reduce fertilizer rounds significantly. Fertilizer-usage efficiency is critical in reducing overall production costs. 


Minimal application

It’s imperative to use a fertilizer with high yielding effects. When it comes to controlled-release fertilizer, farmers benefit a lot from the reduced application of the fertilizers. Consequently, they can save on time and labour costs. 


Reduced nutrient loss

Controlled release fertilizer minimizes fertilizer loss by leaching. As a result, your plants have access to more nutrients. Minimal leaching ensures your farming practices are environmentally friendly. Wastech’s controlled-release fertilizers offer consistent nutrient release during the entire growing season while ensuring minimal nutrients loss. 


Proper nutrients delivery


When it comes to farming, suitable fertilizers ensure that the release of nutrients tailored to the physiological requirements of the crops. Controlled release fertilizers (CRFs) are designed to deliver the much-needed nutrients to plants over a defined and at the right timing when the plants need.


Controlled Release fertilizers deliver nutrients more efficiently than conventional fast release fertilizer. As a farmer, you want a fertilizer that consistently satisfies the crop nutrient demand by providing a longer-lasting delivery and availability of nutrients.  



More and more farmers are choosing CRFs, mainly because they provide nutrients slowly, consistently in a controlled manner, thus helping achieve more consistent yield. CRFs are the fertilizers of choice to feed your plants under different types of weather conditions adequately. 


Environmentally friendly 

Environmentally friendly fertilizers minimize environmental pollution from nutrient loss through effective control of the amounts of nutrients released into the soil. Controlled release fertilizers are environmentally friendly, providing minimum leaching. Consequently, CRFs have been widely adopted to meet the demands of increasing yields without compromising the environment.


Strict quality control

It’s imperative to purchase controlled-release fertilizer from a reputable brand. Ultimately, customers want a fertilizer company that has a long history and experiences in marketing of CRF fertilizers and adheres to strict quality control of their products. At Wastech Multigreen, we take pride in ensuring the highest safety for your crops. Looking for controlled release fertilizer in Malaysia? Contact us today for more details.

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