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Irrigation Products Supplier Malaysia

Irrigation Products Supplier

Wastech supplies a full array of irrigation products for low-volume and high-volume irrigation systems.  Our products are highly rated and highly recommended solution for residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, fields and other areas requiring low maintenance and cost effective irrigation.

Product offering

With us, you can choose from an extensive selection of valves, emitters, spray head, SH series Hose Swivel, nozzle, controls, connectors and filters. Each irrigation product is manufactured with the highest quality components for long-lived performance.

Customers can choose from a full range of sizes and shapes to meet specific flow range requirements and applications. Wastech is an authorized distributor for popular brands including Rain Bird, Aqua, Netafim, and NaanDanJain. 


We have an array of highly durable, UV-resistant connectors that are designed to eliminate leaks and withstand harsh environment and everyday mechanical disturbances. Also, the products are user-friendly and easy to install for both residential and commercial applications. In this regard, you can easily install and disconnect them from the irrigation system.


Valves are incredibly important to automate an irrigation system. When installing your system, it’s imperative to always install a filter before your valves. Consequently, you will protect your valves from any debris. Also, valves are typically installed in a horizontal position.

Some innovative valves are powered by water flow, making them suitable for applications where electricity is not available. With our products, watering your plants is no longer a hassle, and you can continuously keep your system debris-free, optimizing performance and longevity.


As a customer, you want emitters that are easy to install with no tools required. Also, the emitters should be compatible with other irrigation products. With the advancement in technology, the latest emitters in the market can effectively regulate flow, besides continuous self-cleaning capabilities during operation. Wastech emitters are proven and tested for reliable and efficient performance.


As much as they are sometimes overlooked, filters are a fundamental part of any irrigation and fertigation system. An effective filter system continually blocks any dirt and debris from entering the emitter, consequently ensuring only clean water enters the system.

Filters help reduce costs associated with unclogging and removing debris, besides the general maintenance of irrigation system. Wastech supplies irrigation filters that are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of your irrigation system.

Drip irrigation equipment

Drip irrigation has been widely adopted in Malaysia and beyond to efficiently utilize water resources, enhance crop yields and achieve beautiful landscapes. Wastech stocks the latest drip irrigation solutions in the market, including a full range of drip and micro-irrigation products and accessories.

Final thoughts

Taking the time for routine cleaning and maintenance of your irrigation system will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.  Also, you can rest easy knowing that your plants are growing in a suitable environment, and have a great chance of thriving. This is essential for both household and commercial irrigation applications.

Wastech is your irrigation products supplier of choice in Malaysia. As a customer-centric company, we are committed to driving innovations in the irrigation industry. We deliver across Malaysia, thus utmost convenience. Feel free to contact us for a more detailed product list.

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