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Drip Fertigation Fertilizer Malaysia

Drip Fertigation Using Drip Systems

Drip irrigation offers many benefits to growers, especially compared to traditional irrigation methods. For example, it’s an excellent way to eliminate surface runoff, besides flexibility in fertigation.

Additionally, drip irrigation provides excellent uniformity of water distribution. Today, growers want more control regarding the placement and supply rate of water-soluble fertilizers to their plants. Suitable fertigation method should offer high water and fertilizer use efficiency.

Drip fertigation using quality fertilizers delivers water and nutrients directly into the root zone of the plant. The technique enables easy application of fertilizers using the irrigation water. Through drip systems, fertilizers are applied frequently at low concentration, thus meeting the plants’ nutritional needs. 


Maintaining proper salinity moisture content

 Through drip irrigation, water is delivered at high frequencies to the soil, thus a rapid increase in the moisture content. In the process, the salt content of the soil becomes nearly similar to that of the water used for irrigation. It’s the method of choice to prevent possible salt stress to the plants.  Also, drip irrigation allows selective wetting of soil, thus significant savings in both water and fertilizers.

Essential Rules to follow

Drip lines can easily clog with solid precipitates from the solution. In this regards, below are some of the fundamental rules you need to observe 

1. Using soluble fertilizers that dissolve entirely. The goal should be to prevent any residue. 

2. Avoid mixing incompatible chemicals. It’s essential to note that some chemical combinations cause precipitates, thus causing the drip emitters to clog. For proper mixing of fertilizers, the different fertilizers should be sufficiently soluble. 

3. Make sure the fertilizer is entirely dissolved before application. 

4. Ensure that the fertilizer concentration is well diluted. 

5. Proper application rate

The ideal application rate may vary based on factors such as pH level and degree of deficiency. We recommend consulting your agronomist for more accurate application.

Quality Tested fertilizers

Wastech Multigreen is the company of choice to help you optimize your fertilizer based on your irrigation method. We specialize in trading and blending of controlled release fertilizers, plant micronutrients, and water-soluble fertilizers. Besides our top-selling and proven fertilizer blends, we can also custom blend fertilizers for your plants’ specific soil conditions.

Our range of water-soluble fertilizers is ideal for plants planted in green-house and open fields. Quality of products from Wastech Multigreen have been consistently tested and proven to provide maximum performance.

Are you looking for a quality drip fertigation fertilizer in Malaysia? Contact our team today for a more in-depth insight into our products and services. 

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