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Eco-Friendly Fertilizer Supplier Malaysia

Eco-Friendly Fertilizer Supplier

Today, eco-friendly fertilizers are widely used in Malaysia and beyond to benefit a variety of plants. As a grower, it always pays to make more informed decisions, especially regarding the right fertilizer products to use. This article is intended as a valuable guide for growers looking for suitable suppliers for eco-friendly fertilizers.


You want a fertilizer company that has an experienced team that ensures the customers have quality and effective products. Innovative fertilizer companies are always coming up with more efficient eco-friendly fertilizers that will enhance the nutrients use efficiency while protecting the environment.

Technological advances allow for eco-friendly fertilizers that give farmers more significant control over the plants they grow. At Wastech Multigreen, we provide efficient fertilizers for oil palm plantations across Malaysia and other regions. 


Consistency in quality

Eco-friendly fertilizers should be carefully tested regarding their release pattern, chemical composition, and other factors. At Wastech Multigreen, it’s our goal that only effective and eco-friendly fertilizers that meet our quality standards are brought to the market.



There is a need for quality fertilizers that will meet ever-increasing agricultural demand. When it comes to eco-friendly fertilizers, customers want to choose from a wide range of products that have been proven and tested. Wastech Multigreen has come up with

a variety of formula to ensure better health and growth for the different growing stages of plants.



As a customer, you want the best quality products available at competitive prices. Wastech Multigreen places its focus on the maximum yield potential and cost-effectiveness of our fertilizers. Our commercial clients, such as plantation farmers, care a lot about receiving the utmost value from the fertilizers that they invest for their crops.


Final thoughts

As growers use a variety of fertilizers to give their plants an extra boost, there is a growing demand for more sustainable fertilizer products. Thankfully, Wastech Multigreen provides a range of eco-friendly fertilizers that are ideal for oil palm plantations, orchard, horticulture and cash crop cultivation.


Before purchasing eco-friendly fertilizers, it’s essential first to know what kind of fertilizer your plants may need. We recommend testing your soil to get a good knowledge of the quality of your land and what it may be lacking. 

Are you looking for an eco-friendly fertilizer supplier in Malaysia? Wastech Multigreen is a reputable brand offering a full range of controlled-release fertilizer (CRF). Contact us today for a customized package and agricultural advice. 



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