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Fertilizer Manufacturer Malaysia

Fertilizer Manufacturer

For decades, a comprehensive range of fertilizers has been used globally to enhance the quality and quantity of their agricultural yields. Efficient use of fertilizers has profound benefits for both subsistence and commercial farming. Fertilizers are necessary for growers looking to achieve better quality and quantity of yield.

Various nutrients found in fertilizers, especially Nitrogen N, Phosphorus P, Potassium K have particular roles in the growth and the development of plants. In this regards, the right fertilizers should have the right mix of all the micro and macronutrients. 

Growers generally prefer to use fertilizers that reduce fertilizer rounds, as this will helps in cutting down the crop production costs. The assortment of fertilizers from Wastech Multigreen offer simplified application to minimize fertilizer rounds. The products are tailored for efficient fertilizer applications.

Coupling agent from Wastech Mutligreen

Intrablendâ„¢ is a new generation coupling agent that is highly recommended to re-solubilize fertilizers that have reacted and precipitated. The product mainly acts as a compatibility agent when antagonist fertilizer ingredients are mixed.

Intrablendâ„¢ is also proven to enhance the level of beneficial nutrients that are absorbed by plants.

Usage of advanced and progressive technologies

At Wastech Multigreen, we ensure consistent quality of our products through continuous investment in technology and human capital. We have utilized patented technology to not only help growers to protect the environment but simultaneously ensure their plants fully achieve optimal growth and yield.

Micronutrients content

Micronutrients are fundamental for plant growth and soil health. Conducting soil and foliar analysis can help identify micronutrient deficiency in plants. As a result, growers can make right decisions regarding the ideal fertilizers to use. Your fertilizer of choice should be rich in the desired micronutrients to match the nutritional needs of your plants.

Ideally, the fertilizers should have features that enable maximum plant uptake and thus minimize potential nutrient losses to the environment. Such fertilizers help protect the environment through minimal leaching. Ultimately, more efficient nutrient use helps save costs, especially for large-scale commercial growers.

It’s fundamental for fertilizers to have the desired physical properties. Also, fertilizers should be free-flowing. Your fertilizer of choice should be free from undesirable contaminants and impurities.

Why choose us?

Wastech Multigreen is your go-to fertilizer trader and blender in Malaysia. 

Working with us will help you achieve healthy thriving plants season after season. Our company specializes in blending & trading of controlled release fertilizers, plant micronutrients, and water-soluble fertilizers.

We enjoy an excellent network of local farmers, nurseries, large plantations and also distributors or agents in Malaysia and beyond. 

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