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Sustainable Agriculture Using Smart Fertilizers

There is an increasing burden on global food production to feed a continually growing population without compromising the environment. In this regards, smart nutrient supply using smart fertilizers will be very critical for future agriculture.

Through the use of fertilizer optimization software, growers can reliably determine the best combination of smart fertilizers. Such technology is also essential when making decisions about application rates, blends, and proper application methods.

What are smart fertilizers?

Smart fertilizers refer to fertilizers that release nutrients only when the plants require them, thus preventing unused chemicals from polluting the environment. Smart fertilizers ensure plants have a consistent supply of the essential nutrients in the right quantities.

smart fertilizers play a fundamental role in optimizing fertigation management for modern agriculture. Misuse of fertilizers is a global phenomenon that needs to be eradicated. Smart fertilizers offer many advantages compared to traditional fertilizers.

Saving money using smart fertilizers

Through advancement in technology, fertilizer companies have developed smart fertilizers that provide nutrients only when the plants need them. There is a need for growers to consistently economize their fertilizer utilization to achieve a competitive edge.  Smart fertilizers prolong fertilizer cycles, besides providing effective nutrient uptake by plants.

Achieving better quality products

Smart fertilizers are the products of choice for providing an accurate amount of nutrients with the optimum times for achieving the best quality yields. Having quality yields has not only economic benefits in the market but also excellent health benefits. Ultimately, smart fertilizers help create a more sustainable soil system.

Environmental protection

Plants are not always ready to take up fertilizers. In this regards, it’s essential to supply the fertilizer when plants need them; otherwise, the fertilizer will run off the plantation and end up polluting waterways. Such improper fertilizer management not only wastes money but leads to blooming of algae.

Sustainable crop production using smart fertilizers helps in protecting the environment. Smart fertilizers help keep the soil more productive, especially compared to traditional fertilizer utilization. Consideration the fundamental environmental aspects, smart fertilizers are the fertilizers of choice for  a more sustainable modern agriculture.

Why buy from us?

Wastech Multigreen is your trusted partner in the trading & blending of controlled release fertilizers, plant micronutrients, and also water soluble fertilizers. We have developed optimal fertilizer formulations that help growers achieve optimal yields. Our products are Eco-Friendly towards the environment. Besides our top-selling and proven fertilizer blends, we can also custom blend fertilizers for your plants’ unique soil conditions. Get in touch with us for a custom package.

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