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Misting Irrigation Supplier Malaysia

How misting irrigation works

Misting irrigation systems emit very fine mist from overhead sprinklers, providing the moisture needed for seed germination, plant growth and ultimately maximum thriving. The systems provide maximum cooling or humidification of specific locations. Wastech is a reputable supplier of innovative misting systems that are ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Misting systems carry the benefit of fending off plant diseases, minimizing plant stress and increasing growth rates. They also help establish the ideal greenhouse environment, keeping it cool, moist, humid and consistent at all times. Misting irrigation systems are ideal for many small- to large-scale applications.

Why use misting systems? Is it value for money or just a lot of money going up in the mist? Let’s explore the profound benefits of misting irrigation:

Less water

Misting systems are a more sustainable alternative to sprinkler systems. It’s a great choice for customers who want to use considerably less water for their household and commercial watering needs. Technology advancements have led to the development of highly efficient misting systems with great water-saving capabilities.

Enhanced control

The latest misting irrigation products from Wastech provides enhanced control regarding the moisture available for your plants. The watering systems can be reliably controlled and maintained, such that your plants won’t receive too little or too much water.

Heat Reduction

Modern misting systems are highly effective in cooling temperatures in both outdoor and indoor enviroments. Using the right misting irrigation systems can cool residential and commercial spaces much faster, and provide better performance than conventional AC.

When it comes to heat reduction, misting systems are especially practical for outdoor spaces such as patio, garden, porch or even pool. Also, misting irrigation systems offer utmost protection against flaming fires.

Less space

Misting irrigation systems require relatively way less water compared to other irrigation systems. In this regard, you need less space and tanks may not be necessary. When it comes to household applications, the town main may be sufficient for your misting system.

Eliminating pests and diseases

Misting systems have been proven to repel various pests and subsequently hindering them from entering specific areas. It’s an excellent way to minimize plant stress and increase yields, especially for large-scale commercial growing.

Lush landscape

Misting irrigation is highly effective in watering a landscape with no water runoff. In this regards, there is no damage to the surface. For agriculture, misting systems are designed to surround water droplets to the surrounding, not just dripping at one point.


When it comes to watering for both household and large-scale application, you want an economical irrigation system, without compromising on quality and performance. Misting systems are generally cheaper to install than sprinklers.

Areas of application

Misting irrigation is ideal for a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial areas. For example, the systems have been widely adopted for agriculture irrigation, sports stadiums watering and even cooling down animals to minimize stress, and increases their productivity levels.

Wastech supplies a wide range of misting irrigation equipment and accessories for agriculture, residential and commercial landscaping, golf courses, and nurseries, among other irrigation applications. We are an authorized distributor for leading brands such as Rain Bird, Aqua, Netafim, and NaanDanJain.

How can we help?

Wastech delivers quality irrigation solutions for a diverse clientele across Malaysia. As a customer-centric company, we only supply systems that guarantee optimum watering results and efficiency in water management. Also, we offer valuable advice with regard to the most ideal irrigation system for your home or company.

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