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Netafim Products Malaysia

Netafim Products Malaysia

A reliable and consistent water supply is fundamental for agriculture. With the right irrigation products, you can adequately your landscape, garden or farm, even with minimal volumes of water.  Wastech Sdn Bhd is a licensed distributor of Netafim, one of the largest and most innovative irrigation company globally.

Netafim product range enables farmers to irrigate their land more effectively and efficiently, using technologies that provide precise water coverage. It’s a popular brand in Malaysia and beyond, especially for its wide array of irrigation products that meet the growing demand for water-saving and innovative products for agriculture, gardening and landscape watering.

Water conservation

Netafim product offering are primarily geared towards water conservation. They are the go-to irrigation solution if you want enhanced accuracy, control and uniformity. As a landscaper or farmer, you want your plants to flourish regardless of changing weather patterns. From system heads to controllers, the product range is ideal for both small scale and large-scale watering operations.

 Netafim has empowered many farmers to use land, water and energy in more efficient and sustainable ways. The company’s products are developed after an extensive know-how achieved by a world-class team of agricultural experts, design engineers and technicians.

Greenhouse products

As a formidable irrigation products manufacturer, Netafim has been driving the mass adoption of innovative, simple and reliable greenhouse irrigation systems and solutions.

Netafim greenhouse products are designed for a wide array of climate zones, market demands and customers’ budget constraints.

The company is synonymous with world-class capabilities developed upon decades of real-world agro-technology and greenhouse experience. For greenhouse products, customers can expect to achieve enhanced productivity per unit of resources.

Precision irrigation

Supplying a precise amount of water and nutrients directly to the rootzone is an excellent strategy to maximize crop yield while reducing input costs. Netafim is a world leader when it comes to innovative irrigation solutions for sustainable agriculture.

It’s one of the first manufacturers globally that pioneered intelligence precision agricultural systems. Their latest solutions are incredibly cost-effective and help customers to consistently achieve optimal results.

At Wastech, we highly recommend precision irrigation, especially for customers looking to eliminate waste, minimize fertilizer,labour and land requirements while enhancing crop quality and quantity season after season.

 Netafim products comply with stringent quality and engineered standards. The company boasts extensive know-how accumulated by years of Research & Development. The result is a cost-effective product portfolio, tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of farmers globally.

Looking for Netafim products in Malaysia? Wastech is the supplier of choice for best quality irrigation solutions that meet international standards and comply with industry standards. We stock a range of Netafim branded products including Dripline, Sprinklers, Irrigation Filters, Water Meters, Valves, Fittings & More.

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