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Irrigation and Fertigation Products Supplier Malaysia

Irrigation and Fertigation Products Supplier

Fertigation entails using an irrigation system to supply dissolved fertilizer to crops. Many commercial growers today use their irrigation systems to inject water-soluble fertigation products, essentially combining the fertilization and irrigation processes. Automation technology in agriculture promotes reliable monitoring and control of the entire irrigation fertigation process. Essentially, modern agriculture requires modern tools.

Benefits of a fertigation system

Fertigation enhances efficiency by delivering the much-needed water and nutrients directly into the plants’ root zone. It is an innovative and highly efficient farming practice. With proper fertigation, there is a need for less water and fertilizer. Fertigation is thus useful for effective and economically viable crop production.

Modern irrigation and fertigation products offer many benefits for growers, including utmost flexibility, and considerable saving on energy and labor costs.  Through the use of the right products from certified manufacturers, commercial growers have managed to minimize the overall irrigation and fertigation costs.

Regulation using fertigation

An efficient fertigation system should enable effective manipulation and management of nutrients and water to obtain maximum possible yields. Using the wrong irrigation and fertigation methods and products minimizes the effectiveness of the nutrients. As a grower,  we highly recommend that you have effective regulation over:

  • Quantity of irrigation and fertigation products applied
  • Duration of application
  • The proportion of irrigation and fertigation products
  • Starting and finishing time

Fertigation using Drip irrigation system

 Fertigation using drip irrigation systems provides plants with a uniform nutrient distribution in your garden or plantation. It’s the technique of choice for growers who want an efficient water use. Drip irrigation promotes flexibility in fertigation. It’s highly effective since fertigation products are delivered directly to the active root zone of the plant.

More and more growers are using drip systems to supply the much-needed nutrients directly to the soil and plants. The method is highly useful to support soil’s productiveness and improve crop development. Extensive crop production depletes the nutrient content of the soil. In this regards, fertilizers need to be regularly applied. Through the use of modern drip systems, the plants have a consistent supply of nutrients throughout the growing season.

System hygiene

In some cases, fertigation can cause increased bacteria, algae and slime in your system. We recommend removing the impurities regularly from the system. Additionally, growers should closely monitor pH effects during the irrigation season.

Why Wastech Multigreen

Looking for irrigation and fertigation products in Malaysia? Wastech Multigreen trades in blending & trading of controlled release fertilizers, plant micronutrients, and also water soluble fertilizers. We serve a range of clientele from major sectors of agriculture including oil palm plantations, forestry plantations, horticulture nurseries, rice fields, hydroponics farming and golf courses, among others. Contact us for the best bargains!

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