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Quick Release Fertilizer Malaysia

Quick Release Fertilizer Supplier

Quick-release fertilizers have abundant nutrients in plant-readily available form. The fertilizers are excellent in promoting rapid recovery for plants with nutrient deficiency problems. Quick-release fertilizers are one of the most widely used fertilizers in agriculture. They stimulate the growth rate of your plants, helping achieve almost immediate results.

Different fertilizers come in many varying formulations. As a grower, you need a quality product with specific nutrients that match the nutritional needs of your plants. By applying quick release fertilizers ensure the plants’ have an abundant supply of nutrition.

Quick-release fertilizers are highly mobile in soil, especially compared to other alternatives such as slow-release fertilizers. Quick-release fertilizers are especially important for plants growing in soil that is poor in soil nutrients.

Enhancing yields with quick release fertilizers

Quick-release fertilizers are especially ideal for growers who want instantly favourable results in plant growth. As a grower, it’s essential to understand what nutrients your soil and plants require. We highly recommend adjusting the application rate of your fertilizer depending on the specific plant needs and prevailing conditions.


It’s cautious to use to use the right amount of quick-release fertilizers. Excessive application of quick release fertilizers is likely to affect your plant drastically. Excessive applications of quick release fertilizers may cause detrimental effects to the plant growth, it is uneconomical and maybe unenvironmental friendly too!

We highly recommend consulting an agronomist to advise on the most suitable fertilizer based on your plants and the nature of the soil. As a grower, it always pays to make more informed decisions, especially with regards to fertilization methods and products.

Why choose us?

Wastech Multigreen is a major player company in the trading and blending of controlled release fertilizers, plant micronutrients, and also water-soluble fertilizers. Our fertilizers are proven and have been widely adopted in major sectors of agriculture across Malaysia and beyond.

Besides our top-selling and proven blends, we can also custom blend fertilizers to suit your crop’s specific soil conditions.

The quality of our products has been tested and proven to work consistently. Not sure what you want for your plants? Get in touch with us today for a more in-depth insight into our products and services.

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