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Fertilizer Blend Supplier Malaysia

Fertilizer Blend Supplier

Fertilizers are essential to promote soil’s productiveness and enhance crop development. Most soils contain essential plant minerals, which include Nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium, calcium and sulfur.. Other micronutrients minerals are iron, copper, zinc, and manganese, among others. For optimal growth rate for plants, you must match your fertilizer types and rates of application with the nutrient content of the soil. Though smaller amount, any quantities removed by plant growth, and its yields from the soil, must be replaced by the right quantities and the right types of nutrients.

Fertilizers come in varying forms, grades and formulations. Growers should be well informed to make wise decisions regarding the suitable amount and type of fertilizer blend to add to your soil. As the name suggests, fertilizer blends are a mix of several essential fertilizer ingredients which are fundamental for plant growth. 

Just like the case with any fertilizers, growers must have a deep insight into the physical and chemical properties of their fertilizers. Your fertilizer blend of choice should have a multi-nutrient components that satisfies the specific nutrition requirements of crops. Some fertilizer blends may have additional fillers or carriers to enhance the flow-ability of the fertilizers, besides enabling easy application.

Test your soil and plant nutrients status

Growers should monitor plant nutrients status or foliar analysis for plantation crops which is basic requirement for mature trees. It is an essential data required for fertilizer recommendation. Consequently, you can make a wise decision regarding the best fertilizer blend that will lead to optimal growth. Growers can quickly nourish their soil based on the results of the soil tests. Using a quality fertilizer blend is an excellent method to nourish your soil. If the trees are mature, growers can also carry out folair analysis for their crops to check the nutrients status, this will assist the best fertilizer recommendation for the crops in term of growth and yields later. If you need assistant in the soil test and the plant nutrient status test, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Coupling agent

Not all fertilizers are compatible. In this regard, coupling agents such as Intrablendâ„¢ are incredibly useful in preventing and reversing the formation of precipitates upon mixing antagonist fertilizer ingredients. 

Intrablendâ„¢ is a modern coupling agent from Wastech Multigreen that helps to re-solubilize fertilizers that react and precipitate. When used with fertilizer blends, Intrablendâ„¢ enhances the level of beneficial nutrients that are absorbed by plants.


Packaging bags for fertilizer blends must be highly durable to protect fertilizer from damage or wastage. Additionally, the packaging should indicate all the ingredients contained in the fertilizer blend. Good packaging will prolong the storage period of the fertilizer too.

Working with a reputable fertilizer supplier

As a grower, it’s highly imperative to work with a reliable fertilizer supplier with the right industrial knowledge and expertise. Ultimately, growers are looking for quality blends with the correct quantity of nutrients to ensure maximum benefits for their plants. The fertilizer should be free from any impurities such as heavy metals or pathogen.

For large scale greenhouse or plantation operations, some manufacturers can custom blend a tailored nutrient mixture to satisfy your plant’s nutrient requirements. Looking for considerable bargains in fertilizer blends in Malaysia? Wastech Multigreen is the company of choice to help you determine the best fertilizer blend for your plants. 

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