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Irrigation Connector Supplier Malaysia

Irrigation Connector Supplier

Wastech is ahead of the curve when it comes to providing irrigation solutions that help consumers optimize results. Our product offering is carefully selected to meet the needs of growers around the globe. We have a focus on sustainable agriculture through innovative irrigation products. Whether you are a subsistence farmer or large scale commercial grower, you can expect enhanced accuracy, control and uniformity.

The importance of connectors in achieving enhanced irrigation system efficiency cannot be overstated.  Connector fittings are widely used for household irrigation and large-scale commercial farming. It’s for this reason that Wastech has partnered with leading brands from Malaysia and beyond, to bring you an unmatched array of product choices. Let’s explore the profound features and specifications that make our connectors stand out in the market:

High-quality material

As a customer, you want a non-corrosive irrigation connector, designed with high-quality material that can withstand chemicals, fertilizers and extreme weather conditions. The product should be UV-resistant for outdoor use. At Wastech, our range of premium quality irrigation connectors has been specially designed for the most demanding watering tasks.

The robust products are designed for outstanding performance and durability. We ensure our connectors are ideal for use in extreme weather conditions, including long-term exposure to direct sunlight. Also, they can withstand chemicals and fertilizers, which is essential for both household watering and large-scale commercial applications.


Connectors are typically available in varying sizes per specifications. Regardless of the size of your hoses or drip lines, our range of connectors is designed to be a perfect fit. The products boast maximum tensile strength for diverse irrigation applications.

It’s worth mentioning that our connectors are compatible with standard irrigation systems on the market. Besides irrigation connectors, Wastech offers a full range of accessories for connecting, disconnecting and repairing irrigation systems.

Watertight performance

You want connectors that are watertight to preemptively prevent any leakages in your irrigation system. This is one of the most profound factors when choosing any irrigation product. The latest connectors from Wastech are designed with an advanced sealing mechanism for watertight performance.

Ease of use

Your irrigation connectors of choice should enable easy installation to your irrigation system, especially regarding large-scale commercial applications. Also, you want seamless addition of additional valves to an existing irrigation system, without the need for much wiring or trenching. Wastech supplies connectors that are incredibly easy to install with hand insertion.

Value for money

Enjoy unmatched savings, discounts and utmost value when you purchase irrigation connectors from Wastech. We regularly add new irrigation products and ensuring you have access to the latest developments and designs in the market. Also, our prices are competitive, so you don’t have to break the bank!

Premium irrigation connectors

We strongly recommend complementing your irrigation connectors with the best quality filters for extra-long operating life. Wastech supplies a comprehensive range of durable, excellent and cheap irrigation products, keeping up with what our customers want and need in terms of irrigation solutions.

The team at Wastech is ready to provide you with personalized support to ensure outstanding results and peace of mind. In case you are looking for premium irrigation connectors in Malaysia, you are definitely in the right place!

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