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Arrow Dripper Malaysia

Arrow Dripper Malaysia


Farmers around the world are adopting innovative techniques for both subsistence and commercial production. Arrow drippers are globally used in a wide range of applications including pot gardens, nurseries, and greenhouses.  With rapidly increasing population, there is a need for better utilization of the available space and resources like water and fertilizer. Farmers are increasing utilizing any free spaces within their property to grow their crops, even in urban areas with dense population. Also, it ensures every droplet of water or fertilizer dripped directly into the polybags.

Arrow drippers are designed with a labyrinth flow passage, giving an even water flow. The technique has been widely utilized around the world for watering potted plants such as flowers and vegetables. Arrow drippers are available in multiple outlets through the connection of multi-outlet assemblies to improve water distribution, boosting productivity for growers.

Arrow dippers are designed to be flexible in both greenhouses and nurseries. They can be placed precisely where required to boost efficiency. Watering plants on their base also minimize water loss due to evaporation. Irrigation specialists recommend for proper filtration to prevent clogging of arrow drippers. Filtration techniques are based on the dirt concentration in the water.

Arrow dripper system is not designed for high volume watering. They thus require little pressure, saving on pumping costs. A small output pump is capable of running several arrow drippers. Flow rates can be evenly split and shared between multiple drippers.

Arrow drippers can be easily maintained, as when there is clogging at the head of the arrow dripper, the user can just disconnect the micro-tube connecting from the arrow dripper to flush out the dirt, then gently knocked the head of the arrow dripper to remove the debris before connect it back to the micro-tube.  Arrow drippers come in an affordable price, hence could be replaced after every growing cycle to ensure the consistency of it from wear and tear.

Wastech has been the leading force behind countless irrigation projects in many countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Macau and China. The company has utilized innovative solutions such as arrow drippers to meet the specialized needs of irrigation systems, especially for agriculture. Wastech prides itself on professionalism and quality workmanship.

Since the company’s establishment in 1984, Wastech has built a solid reputation and specific expertise in bringing the right solution to the table. Through our innovative products and services, we offer multiple approaches and solutions along with recommendations so you can make the best decision that is suitable for your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today for high quality arrow drippers and other watering equipment.

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