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Central Control Irrigation Malaysia

Central Control Irrigation Malaysia


Central control enables systematic monitoring and operation of irrigation systems from a strategic location. A user uses a single computer to control a single set or multiple sets. Central control systems automatically monitor and adapt system operation and watering periods based on prevailing conditions. Centrally controlled irrigation enable user to operate and monitor the irrigation system conveniently by just a click of button without being onsite.

Central control systems have system monitoring and control features making them user-friendly. System monitoring involves using sensors to monitor prevailing conditions and sending relevant reports to the computer. These sensors include flow meters, wind sensors, and gauges. Data from weather station is transmitted automatically to the central control system. Subsequently, the central control system responds appropriately based on the limits selected by the user.

System control enhances the smooth and efficient functioning of the central control system. Watering can be automatically adjusted or halted due to rain or high winds. This eliminates the need for the user to visit the site or individual controllers. A weather station is life-changing, especially for commercial agriculture. They precisely calculate the most suitable watering based on prevailing conditions. Central control systems optimize irrigation. Rainfall is monitored as it is received on the site. The rainfall amount is subsequently compared to the moisture content in the plant zone.

The ease of using one location for many tasks enhances better management, especially for extensive areas or many irrigation systems.  The technology has been adopted globally in plantations, schools, commercial buildings, and recreation facilities.

A variety of central control irrigation systems are available depending on customer budget and requirements. Different central control systems are designed for single sites and multi-site, also different sizes and landscapes.

It is important to choose systems that are tailored specifically for your site and budget. Innovative irrigation control systems are compatible with both satellite controllers and two-wire decoders.

Golf courses have adopted central control systems to optimize course aesthetics, thus boosting economic gains. Flow management by utilizing the central control systems ensures that watering system operates at fullest capacity.

Central control systems shut down excess flow occurrence, saving water and reducing damage.A central control system is easy to install and maintain. Consulting with trained professionals boosts performance, both in the long-run and short-run. Central control systems give grass the much-needed attention to thrive throughout the year. The role of central control systems in global water conservation cannot be overstated.

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