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Drip Irrigation System Malaysia

Drip Irrigation System Malaysia


Dripping irrigation system is specifically designed to irrigate plant efficiently with minimum water loss as a result of evapotranspiration. Technological advancements regarding irrigation systems have led to innovative solutions for irrigation. Drip irrigation is designed for small volume irrigation needs. Modern drip systems enhance targeted watering of plants with greater efficiency. This leads to higher productivity, besides saving water. Drip irrigation systems are tailored to the site requirements.

Through drip irrigation, water drips slowly ooze to the roots. The irrigation systems are installed either above the ground or underground. Drip irrigation systems minimize evaporation levels by dripping water directly to the roots. It’s one of the most efficient irrigation systems if well designed, installed and maintained by experienced professionals.

Water is moved under pressure from the source through the irrigation system. Drip pipes have emitters at different intervals, allowing distribution of water into the soil. A slow release device is located at the emitters to enable dripping of water. The irrigation system, therefore, provides for precise irrigation, with water being applied directly to the roots. This reduces the growth of weeds. Drip irrigation is suitable for most soils, whether arid or fertile. Only the area around the root zone is supplied with water. Fertilizers and nutrient are thus maintained around the root zone, reducing leaching. The irrigation system also provides a conducive moisture level for plants to flourish.

Drip irrigation systems have a wide range of features that enhance optimal performance and benefits. Anti-siphon mechanism eliminates possible pulling of contaminants into the drippers. Pressure compensation in the drip irrigation system ensures uniform distribution of water and nutrients. Drippers are designed to be continuously self-flushing. Drip irrigation systems thus flush out debris as soon as it is detected, enhancing continuous irrigation. An inbuilt self-flushing system has a wide filtration area and boosts resistance to clogging, thus ensuring efficiency of the system when using low-quality water. A physical root barrier guides against root intrusion, eliminating reliance on chemicals. Water is distributed into the drippers from the stream center, eliminating possible entry of sediments into the drip irrigation system.

Dripline labyrinth enhances extensive water passage. A broad and deep cross-section boosts clogging resistance, ensuring uninterrupted water passages within the drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems do not necessitate leveling of land. The irrigation technique is highly effective even on sloped landscapes. Different soil types have different irrigation needs. Drip irrigation allows for a precise amount of watering and fertigation. Drip irrigation also offers pressure compensated emitters which ensure the water dripping out at every point of the drip line are equivalent. Drip irrigation system operates under low pressure. The energy costs are thus minimal compared to pressurized irrigation systems.

Maintenance of drip irrigation systems is essential to ensure optimal performance. The pipes should frequently be monitored for physical damage. Such damages lead to uneven irrigation, which may be disastrous for crops. Dry pipes should be flushed with high-velocity water after every few weeks of not operating. Filtration system plays a vital role in the dripping system as they prevent clogging; thus the filters should frequently be checked, back flushed and washed.

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