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Drippers For Irrigation Systems Malaysia

Drippers For Irrigation Systems Malaysia


Drippers are a crucial part of drip irrigation systems.  A dripping system is designed for watering plants efficiently with minimum water loss due to evapotranspiration. It can be buried, sub-surface buried or fully exposed on the surface. Through drippers or sprays, a drip irrigation system keeps the root zone moist using minimal water compared to other irrigation techniques. Unlike other irrigation techniques, watering through dripping is done precisely where it is needed. They thus ensure your plants flourish even during summer days.

Drippers are either installed above the surface or underground. They are recommended for watering a nursery. When buried, it is essential to keep the part that emits water on top of the mulch. This prevents clogging of the drippers which may affect the efficiency of the irrigation system. Drippers are used for low-pressure and low-volume watering such as for lawns and gardens.

A wide range of drippers is available to serve varying needs. Drippers are tailored according to client requirements regarding soil conditions, water needs, water availability and agriculture requirements. Drippers have low operating pressure, thus it do not requires bigger pump size. Many drippers are built with a durable material that can withstand environmental effects. Also, drippers are designed to be pressure compensation and adjustable to have varying coverage.

Drip irrigation systems conserve water compared to other irrigation systems. It is crucial to check area regulations before installations. Irrigation may be unlawful in some locations. However, drip irrigation system is in most cases exempted from hosepipe bans. Compared to hosepipe irrigation that uses excessive water, drippers save water by up to 90%.With the rapid technological advancements; more efficient drippers for irrigation systems have been designed. The efficiency is boosted by innovative design, quality raw materials, and strict quality tests.

Some drippers come with self-cleaning design that extends flow path in case of clogging and anti-root intrusion since it is going to burry under the ground.

While installing individual drippers in a garden, drippers are recommended for pot irrigation as it will keep the are clean while irrigating the pot. When installing drippers, make sure all the pots are located correctly and then roll out the pipes along the pots. Subsequently, you measure and cut depending on the nature of the land at hand. After that, punch a hole on the pipe with our specially designed DIY punching tool at the distance of each pots; punch more holes if the pots require more water. The hole should be punched on the side of the tube that is directly facing the plant. Follow on, number of flexi tubes should be equal to the number of holes punched on the pipe and connected to the pipe with adapters.. Each flexi tube should have the right length by measuring the distance from the pipe to the pots. At last, drippers are then attached to the end of flexi tube and drippers are attached on a dripper holder if necessary.

Drippers are placed next to the base of the plants for optimal efficiency. Drip lines are easily installed since they have specially designed emitters in the pipes to achieve pressure compensated. Elbow and locking clamps are needed to attach drip lines to each other. Dipping drip lines in hot water increase their flexibility. You can subsequently get the fittings in easily. An end cap is fitted at the end of drip lines to seal up the opening so that the drip line can be pressurized. The whole watering system is subsequently connected to the garden tap at hand. Finally, you can test the irrigation system to make sure the drippers and the other devices are working perfectly.

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