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Durian Drip System Malaysia

Durian Drip System Malaysia


Durian fruits are highly recommended in a diet because of their essential minerals and vitamins. The benefits which come from eating durians include looking radiant and healthy, improved bone health, regulating blood pressure, weight loss, having high energy levels and even feeling happier, among others.

Processed durian products are available across the world and are increasingly being in demand by consumers. In addition, the buying price of durian fruits has gradually increased during the last couple of years, thus encouraging growers to produce more.

In case your durian trees are thriving and producing fruits, then you’re probably on the right track. However, rainfall typically varies from year to year. Consequently, durian farmers must adapt their crops to prevailing conditions.

Durian trees require a lot of water to thrive, hence making them particularly susceptible to the effects of drought. Unreliable weather patterns in Malaysia and other durian producing areas means that growers cannot solely rely on rain-fed farming.

At Wastech, we guide durian growers on changing production methods, for example, in terms of planting distance, and pruning. In addition, it’s essential to enhance soil and landforms through irrigation, drainage, fertilization, and terracing, among other factors.

As a grower, you want to ensure that climatic drawbacks are effectively neutralized or minimized. Wastech supplies durian drip systems that are designed for a durian plantation with newly transplanted seedlings or even matured durian trees.

Water is very critical for young durian trees as they tend to be very vulnerable to dry conditions and mortality can be very high leading to massive losses. Insufficient water not only weakens the durian plants but also encourages pests and diseases.

Setting up a modern durian drip system might be costly but it’s a viable investment in the long run, especially for growers looking to get the best from their durian trees. Durian drip systems are particularly recommended for those looking for an efficient irrigation system, and to practice intensive durian management methods.

Durian drip systems help irrigate plants efficiently with minimum water lost due to evapotranspiration. The system can be buried, sub-surface buried or exposed on the surface. Durian irrigation provides uniform irrigation for durian trees or seedlings, regardless of the elevation or distance from the water source.

Durian drip systems are especially crucial during flowering and fruit development stages for young durian trees. It’s a highly effective irrigation method to achieve consistent quality yields. More growers are using durian drip systems not only for watering purposes, but to also supply plant nutrients, supplements and chemicals directly to individual durian trees.

Drip irrigation is notably more water-saving and labor-saving compared to other irrigation methods. Also, it helps prevent secondary salinization of soil. Durian drip system typically consists of a pump, a filter, a pressure regulating valve, a flow regulator, a water channel, and a dripper. The ideal amount of water primarily depends on soil moisture and the water requirements of particular durian trees.

It’s imperative to set up the durian drip system first before planting as it might be very daunting to lay out the pipes and other equipment without damaging the young durian trees that are already planted on the farm.

Looking to set up a durian drip system for your plantation or small farm? Then you’re in the right place. Besides supplying the most innovative durian drip system, we help growers make informed choices with regards to how to facilitate field practices including fertilization, pruning, flower and fruit thinning, and harvesting, among others.

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