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Durian Irrigation Malaysia

Durian Irrigation Malaysia


The durian is a very demanding fruit, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Durian trees have shallow root systems, hence tend to be very sensitive to dry environments. Through durian irrigation, growers can protect their trees from prolonged droughts.

Nursery stage
For optimal results, durian seedlings should be watered twice daily-in the morning and afternoons. The seedlings must have enough water for root development. Also, growers should use the correct soil mix in the polybags to avoid waterlogging that may hinder proper seedlings development.

During field planting, good drainage is necessary to prevent puddles in the root region. Drip irrigation is usually recommended at a rate of about 4-6 liters per plant daily.

The flowering for durian trees typically starts during the dry months. When flowering, minimal irrigation is required to support vegetative growth. That being said, it’s worth mentioning that extended drought during fruit development may result in uneven fruit ripening.

As the flowers begin to emerge, we recommend starting with minimal water and increasing gradually as more flowers sprout. After flowering, ample water at about 6-8 liters per plant daily is needed during fruit development. For optimal results, you want to avoid excess water since it leads to premature fruit drop.

Crop nutrient demand
As a grower, you want to regularly carry out a diagnosis of crop nutrient demand, based primarily on leaf and soil sampling. In addition, the fertilizer schedule should be adjusted based on crop development stage, nutrient requirement and desired crop yield.

Durians with a perfect green
Proper hydration is important for good durian growth. As a grower, you want to achieve perfect durians that have an outer husk with a perfect shade of green. In addition, healthy durians that are well hydrated typically have a lineage of green surrounding the thorns.

Growers who don’t provide adequate watering more often than not end up with durians whose flesh is too watery or overly dry.

Avoid overcrowding
The demand for durians in Malaysia and beyond is just too great. In this regard, growers are often tempted to overcrowd their land with durian trees. This prevents durians from properly thriving since each tree has to fight for water, nutrients and sunlight. Also, for crowded plantations, the roots of different durian trees can intertwine with one another. Consequently, the durians become dehydrated.

How do you know your fruits is dehydrated? One of the most profound pieces of evidence you can check is the durians having a yellowish outer shell, which ideally should be green. Also, dehydrated fruits tend to fall to the ground easily.

Pruning is essential for maximum yields of quality durian fruits. In addition, the health of the durian tree itself is greatly affected by pruning. However, we recommend pruning the right way and at the right time to avoid some costly mistakes.

At Wastech, we can give you personalized advice on which irrigation equipment and options are ideal for your durian trees. Our company has been at the forefront in engaging durian growers to set up tailored irrigation systems that would be ideal for their durians. Talk to us today!

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