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Durian Water Management Malaysia

Durian Water Management Malaysia


The demand for local and foreign markets has helped durian farmers realize increased income year by year. Durian planting in Malaysia has a lot of potential, considering the many durian lovers supporting and recognizing the quality of durians planted in the region.

As a durian farmer, you want to realize optimal results in terms of both the quantity and quality of your trees. Durian farms require a large amount of water for maximum growth. The design of a proper durian water management system is the most critical for durian cultivation, especially when faced with an unfavourable climate.

At Wastech, we have studied the conditions and patterns regarding durian water management systems in Malaysia and other durian producing areas. We thus help durian farmers make more informed choices, with regards to enhancing fruit yield, size, quality and uniformity through practical measures such as tailored watering systems based on soil and crop nutrient monitoring.

As a durian farmer, there are several problems you want to avoid when it comes to durian water management. For example, a lot of farmers deal with water shortage, frequent electric power failure, polluted water, water pump breakdowns, inappropriate pH values, among other costly challenges.

It’s therefore critical to not only have a modern durian water management system but also periodically inspect the system to ensure optimal conditions for durian growing. Also, you need to control water quality when using public water.

It’s imperative to make informed decisions with regards to how much water the durian trees need and the periods the trees need it most. For highlands areas, we recommend high water pressure for irrigation. The importance of having quality water resources for your durian production cannot be overstated.

Ultimately, water distribution should be conducted based on weather conditions and specific objectives of distribution, for example, fertilizer application. Ideally, durian farmers should have a comprehensive water management schedule from the flowering stage until they are ready to harvest.  Consistent water supply when flowering helps open up the flower buds. The water distribution should be adjusted accordingly during the rainy season.

It’s important to carefully observe the conditions of your durian trees during the various growth stages.  After harvesting durian fruits, farmers should manage the water system such that the water supply is minimized to prevent wastage. Also, we recommend pruning the durian trees and subsequently nourishing the trees with biological fertilizers.

Looking for the ideal durian water management for your durian production? Wastech is committed to ensuring our diverse clients achieve the most efficiency by using proven and tested results. Contact us today for personalized services.

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