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Durian Watering System Malaysia

Durian Watering System Malaysia


Traditional agriculture-based durian farms regularly encounter quality problems and thus may not meet the global market demand. Consequently, modern durian watering systems are useful not only to increase the quality of the production but also minimize production costs. In this regard, more growers in Malaysia and beyond are installing automated water management systems to enhance production in durian farms.

Choosing the most ideal durian watering system

As a durian farmer, no one watering system is perfect for every application. Before deciding on an irrigation system, the durian grower should thus consider several fundamental factors and subsequently make an informed choice regarding the best system for the specific situation.

The factors include fuel cost and availability, initial cost, labor requirements, size and terrain of field, and quality of water source. In some cases, it’s necessary to own some additional equipment such as a well or pumping unit and adapt the system to the existing equipment.

Water source

It’s worth noting that water for irrigation is most necessary when water supplies are at their least level. Your water sources of choice should therefore be adequate to supply water during extended dry periods. Farm ponds make up a significant portion of the durian irrigation water used in Malaysia and other durian countries.  

The adequate size of an irrigation pond should be based on the number of durian acres to be irrigated. In case it’s a spring-fed pond, we recommend adjusting the storage capacity of the pond accordingly. You may need to install a well to supplement the pond water. In such a case, the well size should primarily depend on the pond’s storage capacity and the overall size of the irrigation system.

Before any pond construction, it’s essential to check with the relevant local authorities in case any permits are necessary. Also, you want to make sure you comply with any appropriate wetlands regulations.

Why use drip systems for durian watering?

Drip watering systems provide many advantages compared to other systems. By installing a drip irrigation system, you considerably cut the cost of labor. When it comes to durian farming, every durian tree must be provided with its share of water. Drip irrigation is precise such that every tree gets the amount of water based on specific plants’ needs.

 As a grower, you enjoy maximum control over the water amount and the frequency of irrigation, thus ensuring quality and consistent yield. What’s more, a drip irrigation system prevents weed growth, since the water is applied directly to the local areas.

Soil permeability is essential when it comes to durian farming. High permeable soil is more prone to water loss. However, with drip irrigation, farmers can significantly minimize the water loss since the watering rate can be adjusted accordingly. On the other hand, a higher rate of watering is ideal for low permeable soil, thus ensuring enough water reaches the durian root system.

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