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Field Satellite System Malaysia

Field Satellite System Malaysia


Advancement of satellite and cellular technology has had a significant impact on golf courses.  It is able to deliver the trusted performance that golf course professionals rely on for optimizing course appearance and playability. It has a full range of solutions that make irrigation scheduling, adjustment and maintenance easier. It comes with features like real time calendar, exclusive water management feature which help you conserve both water and money.

Other than application in golf course, Satellite and cellular technologies have expanded the reach of agricultural firms. For example, field satellite systems are connected to the weather station at the site, providing essential soil and moisture data. Ultimately, such data is used by growers in order to optimize their operations and increase productivity. By utilizing filed satellite systems, customer receives proper recommendations of most suitable watering techniques. By managing the relevant data from field satellite systems, customers are also able to achieve consistent output throughout the year.

Proper use of field satellite systems is a game changer for agriculture. Continuous and uninterrupted service can only be achieved through field satellite systems.  The technology has expanded coverage to even the most areas, dramatically changing the dynamics. Inadequate service has been a limiting factor for commercial growers looking to expand. Importance of the end user’s satisfaction, regarding fast and reliable communication, cannot be overstated. This brings up the need for sophisticated and dependable satellite field systems.

Field satellite systems allow collection of data from a precise location at the site. This makes more economic sense to the relevant parties. Field satellite systems can obtain data from irrigated sections, thus aiding in decision making.

Majority of growers are in rural areas with poor or limited coverage. By utilizing field satellite systems, agricultural firms can go to remote locations with their equipment and transmit relevant information back to their servers. Combination of both satellite and cellular offers more flexibility.

Food security is critical due to rapid population growth around the globe. Global population is estimated to be over 9.1 billion by 2050. This has promoted the adoption of precision agriculture to increase food production. Field satellite systems offer detailed and accurate geospatial data to manage agricultural production. Such systems provide a deep insight into their operations to transform their operations, both in the short run and long run.

Precision agriculture, through the adoption of field satellite systems, allows for active management of firms by utilizing the detailed imagery. Growers are also able to mitigate risks in time, thus reducing potential damages to crops.  The use of field satellite systems is definitely a win-win for both growers and the environment.

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