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Fogger System Malaysia

Fogger System Malaysia


Fogger systems have been widely adopted around the globe for enhanced temperature and humidity control. Modern fogger systems are easy to install and provide dependable performance for long periods of time. Many cash crops, especially in greenhouses, require maintenance of appropriate microclimate to ensure yearlong productivity. Fogger systems offer maximized cooling or humidification of specific locations. They promote thriving of crops in greenhouses by increasing humidity while reducing the temperature. Foggers are also globally utilized for pesticide spraying, thus preventing possible damage to plants. There is other application of fogger system, where it uses super-fine static mister especially designed for cooling and humidifying livestock.

Many growers prefer foggers to drive away dangerous pests. This is because they are economical and highly efficient compared to traditional systems. Foggers are also used in the nursery to boost the germination rates. Upholding of relevant standards by manufacturers ensures that manufactured foggers are durable and high quality. Sophisticated fogger systems undergo vigorous tests to ensure they are defect free. Design and installation of foggers are tailored to customer specifications. Technology advancements have led to the emergence of highly customized foggers. User-friendly controls for fogger systems enhance customer satisfaction.

Nowadays, fogger system has become more advanced to suit unique needs for farmers. It is designed to be bridgeless to eliminates dripping problem as this system is to meant to spread liquid to the surrounding, not just dripping at one point. Also, the system is designed to have interchangeable components to minimize the maintenance cost. Moreover, the system is acid resistant (AA) raw materials, thus allowing the application of chemicals to pass through the system and the system can be cleaned by application of suitable acid treatments.

In addition, it is able to create micro-sized droplets, at a relatively low pressure of around 4.0 bar with a uniform distribution of average drop size of 65micron. This system are often come with a connection of SSPE (super soft PE) micro-tube distribution pipe and specifically designed weight to maintain the emitters as it is usually hanging with AD valve (anti-drain) to prevent distribution pipe drainage. These features are specially designed for cooling, humidifying and rooting tables.

Wastech has for decades offered extensive knowledge and the ability to provide innovative solutions. The company upholds the highest standard to ensure customer satisfaction. We specialize in designing, building, consultations, management and trading of irrigation equipment. Wastech boasts state-of-the-art machinery to provide a wide array of irrigation solutions. Our innovative fogger systems are certain to significantly enhance operations, especially for commercial applications. Contact us today for high-quality fogger systems and other watering solutions. Our in-house industry experts ensure that every product meets the Wastech standard.

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