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Golf Course Irrigation System Malaysia

Golf Course Irrigation System Malaysia


Today, manufacturers have improved golf course irrigation systems to optimize performance. Golf course irrigation systems are very sophisticated and complex compared to residential ones. Greens are grown at precise heights. This necessitates accurate amounts of water at just the right frequency. Golf courses require large-scale volumes of water for irrigation. This is because the landscape is very extensive. Demand for top-notch greens has led to the development of advanced irrigation control systems for golf course irrigation. Through the installation of proper irrigation systems, golf managers have more control over the timing and manner of watering.

A central controller serves as the brain of the entire golf course irrigation system. Situated in the maintenance rooms, the central controller regulates the sprinklers watering the greens. The system has a personal computer installed with a powerful software that turns on or off the sprinkler, depending on the watering needs of the golf course. The irrigation manager can also turn on the sprinkler by clicking on the computer. The response from the computer system is real-time.

A pump station monitors water flow to maximize efficiency in the golf course irrigation system. The pump station also draws water from the source and releases water into the watering system depending on the watering needs. The central control sends messages to field controllers that are enjoined to the sprinklers subsequently turning the sprinklers in the golf course on or off.

Field controllers are situated in a metal box that is fixed to a concrete base. Golf course irrigation systems have valve-in-head sprinklers. Each sprinkler has valve within its casing. A field controller can control as much as 50 sprinklers. There is an alternative for the irrigation managers to manually turn the sprinklers on or off.

Data is integrated from onsite weather stations into central control for golf course irrigation systems. This is critical to get the exact conditions and respond appropriately. Data collected from onsite weather stations include humidity, wind speed, moisture, and rainfall. The central control can automatically download data and use it to calculate evapotranspiration (ET). Advanced central control software has capabilities to use the ET values and rainfall to adjust the watering schedule automatically.

Water sources for golf course irrigation systems are mostly manmade, for example, lakes and ponds. The irrigation system is fed by a drainage system. The water source might even be underground water. In that case, how deep the ground is dug for water depends on the requirements of the client. River water is hardly utilized because of quality issues.  Irrigation managers for golf course irrigation systems should avoid irrigating in the afternoon. Strong winds lead to a bad distribution of water from the sprinkler. Also, a lot of water is lost due to evaporation.

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