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Golf Course Watering System Malaysia

Golf Course Watering System Malaysia


Most modern golf courses cannot survive without a functional watering system. With more focus on conservation of environmental resources, golf courses are adopting water-efficient irrigation system for the greens. There is increased emphasis on irrigation system efficiency due to water shortages and rising cost of water. Also, government regulations in some areas have influenced the water management solutions for many companies and organizations, including golf courses. Strict water-use regulations have had an impact on the adoption of specific golf course watering systems. Golf courses across the world use millions of gallons of water each year to maintain their landscapes.

Reliability of golf course watering systems is critical. Unforeseen stalling of the golf course watering system affects the overall operations of the organization. Adequate monitoring and maintenance should be carried out by trained professionals to enhance the performance of the watering system. Outdated golf course watering systems are prone to failure. They tend to break down very frequently. Therefore, it is essential to switch to modern and innovative technology that provides improved golf course watering solutions. Failure of system components is an indicator that specific parts of the golf course watering system need replacement. The breakdown may also be as a result of using substandard products and incorrect installations. Maintenance records should be reviewed and properly stored by the relevant parties.

Before installation of a golf course watering system, it is important to evaluate considerations such as climate and landscape of the golf course. Arid areas depend entirely on watering systems to support turf growth year-round. The design of a golf course watering system is tailored to the architecture of the golf course. Necessary adjustments should be made to the watering system in case of architectural renovations.

Inefficiency of a golf course watering system affects the irrigation uniformity. Wet spots and dry areas can be seen from a distance, making the landscape unattractive due to the uneven distribution of water. Irrigation audits are carried out by trained professionals to pinpoint the source of the problems. Suitable measures should be subsequently enacted to fix the situation. Irrigation specialists carry out tests in the golf course and use the results to do a comprehensive analysis of the watering system. The analysis provides vital information that is essential for future improvements of the golf course watering system.

Periodic upgrade of watering system infrastructure is essential for every golf course. Improved technologies such as variable-frequency drive pumping stations have enhanced efficiency and minimize costs. With proper pipe system, upgrading the pumping system boosts watering uniformity and significantly minimizes energy consumption.

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