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Irrigation Filter System Malaysia

Irrigation Filter System Malaysia


The 3 typical filers used for irrigation are media/gravel filters, screen filter and disc filter.

Media filters are a proven technology for changing the quality of water. The filtration system provides high quality filtration solutions for water that is highly contaminated with organic material and algae. Carbon Steel ST37.2 is used for making the filter housing. Media filter have a maximum recommended working pressure of 10 bars (145 psi). They have “mushroom” diffusers, with the design including vertical openings. Diffusion protection is critical for screws, nuts and washers, making the parts long-lasting.

Media filters have been adopted for diverse applications. Water flows into the filter through the inlet and subsequently spreads evenly onto the media. Any solid and organic materials are trapped within the filtration system. Upon filtration, clean water flows through the media and subsequently flows out through the nozzles. The back flushing process is controlled automatically. This is done by shutting the filter inlet and subsequently allowing water to enter from the bottom. The system then lifts the media and releases the solids that exit the media filter via the back flush manifold.

Manual screen filters are filters designed using stainless steel screens. The filtration systems are effective for both primary and backup filtration. Wastech recommends the filters to provide primary filtration for well water. Manual screen filters have filers that are designed to allow easy removal for servicing and cleaning. When it comes to primary filtration, the filtration systems can be used for providing clean ground water. For backup filtration, Manual screen filters can be used for a wide range of applications including Media Filter Batteries, Sand Separators or Secondary Filters.

The filters have flanged connections, thus allowing for simple installation. Additionally, their angle configuration eliminates the use of extra fittings. Manual screen filters have a ball valve installed on the cover plate. This allows for manual purging of debris from the filter. The filters covers are easily removed to enable servicing and cleaning. When it comes to servicing, it is critical that you allow space equal to the entire length of the filter to remove the screen from the filter. They allow for simple cleaning mechanism.

Manual Disc Filters are well designed for long-lived performance with minimal or even zero maintenance. The filtration system can be used as either a standalone unit or combined to form modular filter batteries.  The system entails plastic rings stack together forming a cylindrical filter element. The plastic rings are compressed together effectively filtering the water and consequently protecting the system from clogging. Manual Disc Filters are highly effective for irrigation systems, preventing clogging and or abrasion. It is critical that maximum recommended water temperature is maintained for the long-term performance of the filters.

Manual Disc Filters boast many unrivaled product features, making them the filtration system of choice for diverse applications. The filtration system is well engineered for efficient operation without any maintenance. It allows for depth filtration, further boosting filtration efficiency. It’s worth noting that the degree of filtration can be altered by replacing the disc rings with the desired mesh size.

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