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Misting System Malaysia

Misting System Malaysia


With growing concerns regarding climate change, many people are seeking cooling solutions to create a conducive and comfortable environment. Misting systems are being adopted by more and more people, especially during summer days. Misting systems are a godsend for providing a cooling environment for both plants and humans. They are also widely used for irrigation purposes and creating moisture.

A wide range of misting systems is available for cooling both open outdoor areas and extensive indoor areas such as industrial warehouses. Misting systems offer effective and efficient cooling solutions for both residential and commercial applications. The applications include cooling, dust control, and humidification. It is essential to consider your cooling needs before choosing particular misting systems.

Misting systems boost outdoor comfort and enhance surrounding environment. They are now commonly used in amusement parks, open-air shopping malls, parks and other crowded locations.  Misting systems such as mist tent are a godsend for cooling outdoor events such as birthday parties, BBQs, and even camping. Theme parks, sports events, and concerts have also adopted such systems to provide cooling solutions. In passing crowds, such systems are seen as massive towers that spray mist across them. Businesses with patio areas also tend to adopt misters to provide a cooling environment for customers.

Most Misting systems have adjustable misting heads. The directional heads assist in adjusting the flow of mist to counter wind movements.  Selecting the right professionals to design and install your misting system cannot be overemphasized. Professionals with relevant expertise help to maximize the efficiency of your misting systems. Adequate planning before installation ensures that you get optimal benefit from the cooling effects. The science behind misting systems is evaporation process. Water molecules are evaporated by the misting system, changing to a gas state. Heat energy is needed to evaporate the water molecules, to a gas which is sourced from the ambient air. The subsequent evaporation process lowers the temperature around the misted area.

The human body cools itself essentially the same way as a misting system. Sweating occurs, the sweat evaporates, and body temperature subsequently lowers. Proper installation and utilization of misting systems can reduce temperature by as much as  30°F. However, the performance depends on factors such as the misting system, relative humidity, and area temperature.

Misting systems are both water and energy efficient, compared to running an air conditioner. After adequate planning and deciding on a particular misting system, misters are easy to install and maintain. They help you enjoy outdoor areas in spite of how hot it may be. With adequate maintenance, a proper misting system lasts for a long time.A misting system for plants makes them flourish and stay green all year long. They help prevent damages to plants due to excessive heat.

Small water droplets needed for evaporation can only be achieved through high-pressure mister systems. Such a system requires a pump to increase the pressure of the water. Some plumbing work is critical to the installation of a misting system. Mist pumps and devices such as controllers are tailored to customer requirements. Clients requiring cooling for extensive areas need sophisticated misting systems.

Technological advancements have enhanced features and benefits of mist systems. A bridgeless design prevents dripping. Interchangeable components boost the flexibility of the mist systems. The nozzle can be adjusted based on customer requirements. Mist systems uniformly distribute micro sized droplets at relatively low pressure. Mist systems have been specially designed and built for under canopy cooling and humidification. Use of acid resistant (AA) raw materials allows for the efficient passing of chemicals through the mist systems. Mist systems can be cleaned using suitable acid treatments.

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